7 thoughts on “Flycast 2.0 aka Adify Launches”

  1. Om,
    In the name of experimentation, I signed up for an Adify account to see how the process works. While it’s left to be seen whether advertisers take advantage of the platform, it’s certainly easy for bloggers to create an account and slap up an advertising box. Of course, I feel like a bit of an advertising floozy becuase i’ve now got adsense, adify and feedburst battling for clicks. maybe i’ll now be able to generate revenue equal to two cups of coffee a day, rather than just one!

  2. Mark,

    it does seem like an interesting little service especially if they bring in the right kind of advertisers. i suspect they are going to be dependent on that. We talked about this and a whole slew of online advertising related issues in our most recent podcast.

  3. I like the idea and the clip-ins network seems like the right direction but what is different from adbrite. I hate when people do the “oh Google could do that” or “what if Microsoft comes out with it,” but what is the differenation from adbrite?

    I think the smaller networks are fine but I wonder if the ad revenue from this long tail will be substantial. Seem like smart enough guys to try and figure it out. I wonder if they gain traction against Google adsense where you don’t have to try and sell the ads yourself…

    noah kagan

  4. Will Adify pose a threat to Google Adsense program? Sramana Mitra shares her view on this. href=”http://sramanamitra.com/blog/898”>Adify challenges Google Adsense

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