4 thoughts on “For Amazon & Kindle, brick & mortar stores key to success”

  1. It’s a smart move by Amazon, but what remains to be seen is whether they have allocated the human resources needed to actually TRAIN these sales channels, or whether it will mostly be a see-touch-feel confirmation point for the already committed.

    I am pretty bullish on Amazon’s prospects with Kindle Fire, but I am guessing that, at least for the upcoming holiday season, it will be the latter case (see-touch-feel).

  2. My bf got me a Kindle Fire for my birthday and I love it. It’s lightweight and easy to use straight out of the box. The first thing I recommend anyone with a new Kindle do is install the nook app. We got our instructions from http://www.kindlemad.com through google.

    It basically unlocks all the Android marketplace apps and unlocks the device. Super happy!

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