18 thoughts on “For Twitter, the Only Way Is Up”

  1. I’m impressed with Twitter’s ability to handle the massive increase in traffic. It was only a little while ago that people were talking of leaving the service because it was so unreliable, the “fail whale” etc. Their servers must have taken a battering over the past couple of months but have held up very well.

  2. Ya true, twitter is spreading like wild fire, and the more media houses start using twitter accounts to update news..and mention it on their shows, it will garner more users.

  3. Facebook provides some added benefits that Twitter cannot – more info, videos, links, etc. – all in one place. It builds on Twitter connections – the two can work beautifully hand in hand.

  4. There is no doubt a social media revolution underway (hint: Twitter). I have found that there are many still who have no idea what Twitter is, how to tweet, or what it does. That is, what benefit does tweeting bring? is Investing time in learning all about Twitter will bring plenty of benefits; especially for those interested in using Twitter as a vehicle for making money. Your readers might be interested in The Twitter Video Tutorial series found on my blog at http://www.digitaldrake.com/welcome-to-my-twitter/

  5. To me, Twitter is whole new channel or form of communication, along the lines of phone, email, & instant messaging, as opposed to a “Web propoerty” or social profile site like Facebook. Therefore, I don’t necessarily agree that Twitter’s success hurts Facebook in the long run. Twitter is certainly the media buzz topic right now, just as Facebook or YouTube was before that or (to a lesser degree) Second Life a couple of years ago, but ultimately there has to be a viable way to accommodate such meteoric growth and monetize the traffic or the site will eventually wither (a la Friendster).

  6. facebook hasnt lost any of its glow, its just gone from the hot new thing to basically something we are used to using everyday, almost an after thought but still every essential…….I really look at twitter as a great lil utility compared to the social networking aspects. An application like http://www.usetrackthis.com/ shows the usefulness of the app in more than just the standard real time status updates

  7. Yeah, I don’t think FB has lost its glow, but Twittter is the media darling right now and all the mainstream attention has been boosting its numbers. Om, I loved your description on Ashton. “…utterly useless Ashton Kutcher to become the No. 1 Twitter user.” haha!

    Here’s my two-cents on @aplusk: http://twitter.com/MiikoMentz/status/1529347338

  8. For me twitter is about knowing what friends are doing and it is also about sharing information. II have discovered few useful tools via the twitter updates of my friends. Another cool feature of twitter is the search and twitter trends. I think twitter trends are the most realistic indicators of news being followed by people around the world. If we can have region wise trends, that would be a killer feature.

  9. Twitter’s success has shocked media watchers so much they cant stop gushing about it. This has helped Twitter grow exponentially. I am sure within the next 2 years we will have a new service that will give Twitter a run for its money. Till then, lets raise a toast to Twitter. It is no doubt a unique proposition that combines the two models of social networking and chatting that have helped define the internet as it is today.

    I am trying brainstorming to find the next big thing that could divert Twitter users to itself. Until someone comes up with that, let Twitter glow at the expense of Facebook and Mysapce and who not!

    Manish Pahuja

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