7 thoughts on “Founding in a War Zone”

  1. Dear Adam,Readers and who ever that is reading my respond.

    My name is Dor and i am a soldier in the Israeli army, now waiting for my release of service at the age of 20 years old.
    As a person my economic and career ambitions are very simple: to be an entrepreneur!!! and as suche i have related more than you can imagine. Great writing loved the topic, hope to manage at least as good as you with the situation.}

  2. Thanks Dor.
    I will be writing a chapter 2, summing up my experience after the war and how I managed to grow.}

  3. I feel your pain: I founded a start-up and was just getting it up to speed development-wise near the end of last year when I received my marching orders for Afghanistan. Now I’m working on it in my free time here and finding that 96k internet is painful to use for a year.}

  4. Tom, are you in Afghanistan now? And would you consider writing for us about your experience(s) trying to keep your business–to say nothing of yourself and those around you–alive while there? I’m sure we could all learn a lot from what you’re going through.}

  5. Carleen,

    Yes, I am still deployed to Afghanistan and will remain here until, at the earliest, late January 2008. I’d love to write for Found|Read about the ongoing experience; the company actually has quite a long history in the quest for realizing our dream. I see you sent me an e-mail so we can talk further concerning that matter through there.


  6. Id like to hear about your experience aswell. Have you a connection back at afghanistan? How can you maintain a routine? Have you a fixed schedule?}

  7. Yes, I have a connection that I pay for. It’s not incredibly reliable, but it’s better than nothing. It’s not too difficult to keep a routine from a time standpoint — my fixed schedule is from 8-5, but even on mission days we leave so early it’s unlikely that I’ll get back much after my normal time. Although, usually a couple days a week something comes up and I just can’t do anything besides stay out all day working and then go to sleep. So, actually maintaining the routine can be difficult at times. It requires a very large amount of self-motivation.}

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