13 thoughts on “SpinVox Will Transcribe Your Skype Voicemails & Send You a SMS”

  1. way expensive!!!

    One thing you have not mentioned is that it is NOT REALTIME. It will take anytime from few minutes to few hours for you to get SMS. Apart from that would you pay that much to check your vocicemail? Wouldn’t it be cheaper to call skype and listen to it.

  2. @Jonathan

    I would pay the price because they are more accurate than their rivals and yes, while they are not real time, they are much faster than rivals including Got Voice. I think it depends if you do want accuracy and some kind of quality, then SpinVox does the trick.

    1. SpinVox has been touting for over 3 years now that their service is automated when, in fact, it is all human transcribed. Unless you’re getting the conversion in less than 2 minutes, it’s not worth the price

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