23 thoughts on “GigaOM Interview: Bill Hambrecht, Legendary Silicon Valley Banker”

  1. You cant even hear the guy, OM. Really now, you are the premiere tech journalist in the entire universe – can I lend you a wireless mike or a lavaliere with an 8 foot cord? Even I own these.

  2. @Alan,

    This was shot with my Flip and well since this was an impromptu interview, this is the best I could get. Sorry about that.

    That said, the quality isn’t as bad as you make it out to be. The funny part is that it audio is fine on the AVI file and is very clear. I think YouTube drops the quality and that impacts voice as well. I am going to try on one of the other services and see if the voice quality is any better. I know it is a bummer.

  3. forget the flip – get the new Canon HF11 – shoots to CompactFlash w/ 32GB flash built in. Granted its the AVCHD format but you can shoot at 24Mbps and full 1920×1080… and gigaom really needs a better than YouTube solution – why send the click-on traffic to youtube away from gOm? check out fliqz.com custom player + video backend solution – tis perfect for gOm.

  4. OM – good one – you should do more of these “impromptu interviews”. Flip or no flip – do more… The straight talk from Bill H is simply refreshing.

    Had to use a headset to get that audio flowing – but still enjoyed every minute of your interview with the ledgendary Bill Hambrecht. Cheers –

  5. Shattered my image of a banker! Very worldly. Especially fascinating comment about China and developing companies not wanting to import monopolies.

    Is that “Fire & Gold” on his bookshelf? Kind of a new-age spiritualism book I think. I guess it works, he’s very calm.

    –Andy Green
    Avaya Global Managing Editor

  6. Sold H&Q a trading system back in the 80’s and almost went to work for them, I was very impressed with Bill H. He was one of my hero’s, it’s great to know that he’s still on top of the game. Enjoyed hearing his perspective.

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