35 thoughts on “GigaOM Network Content to be Featured on BusinessWeek.com”

  1. Congrats, Om! That’s fantastic news — great partnership, looking forward to following the evolution.

  2. Nice!

    ….entering the “dating” period. Soon will come the term sheet:)

    All kidding aside. Congrats to all at GigaOm.

  3. Wow! CONGRATULATION OM! and the WHole TEAM.

    That is a big deal.

    So is it only on Businessweek.com or also the Magazine BusinessWeek ?

    Cheers, Nag

  4. Om, Liz et al,
    Congrats to you guys and the team on the anniversary and the partnership. Keep the great market, company and product analysis flowing.
    -Steven Marder

  5. Om:
    Congratulations for this big deal. Business week is one of my favourite news destination. Keep up the great show.


  6. Congrats Om & Team! Well deserved recognition of quality journalism. I’ve always liked your blog, as well as BusinessWeek.com, so this just makes it even easier to get my favorite content!
    Keep up the great work!

  7. @ShriPriya,

    Thanks … Puppy is called “Crash”.


    Now if we could get you to put your thinking cap and write an essay or two for us.

  8. With gas prices hitting $5 a gallon, I congratulate you for your great survival in US.

    An Indian 😉

  9. @ Markus Göbels Tech News Comments

    TC would be more than 100M for sure. 20M is way to cheap..

    Cheers, Nag

  10. One thing certain, if your writers are allowed to write freely with charges that individual publicly traded companies are private “shell companies” as Liz Gannes did when describing KIT digital June 23 you wont get far.
    It was wrong and showed a certain lack of editorial discipline by your company.

  11. @Om Someday soon I hope. In the meantime, I’d like to invite you to spend some time back deep in chip-land at HotChips 20. (www.hotchips.org) I’m on the organizing committee, so I may be biased, but we’ve got a chip from China, chips for server, supercomputers, graphics, chip-2-chip networking, video processing, etc.
    We also have a panel with Nathan Brookwood, John R. Mashey, David Patterson, Dave Ditzel, Howard Sachs, and my old boss Michael Slater.

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