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  1. …well, Om, they may not be next…but look–they’re already gathering wood for the Vonage casket…and the headstone’s on a flatbed truck heading for the cemetery…

  2. just voip? just web2? all of the trash around the valley is only floating due to the high tide of the stock market, just like in 99.

    the tide is going out, any company that was “marginal” as of march 2007 is just running out the clock. 2008 is going to replay 2001. expect applicants to start seeking “solid” companies again.

  3. Looks like DOT com companies again. All the big successful upstarts shutting down, but in this case, they did it to themselves. VoIP in general is here to stay, though. Lets hope the more innovative companies stick around long enough to help it progress.

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  5. Vonage will be eaten by a competitor, sooner or later. Likely sooner. Once their ear acqusition burn rate gauge nears E, they’ll be snapped up. My first guess is AT&T. Second and third is a tie between Verizon and AOL.

    But the big question is who owned (owns?) Verizon’s fancy digs in Holmdel. Could it have been part of the Death Star at one time?

  6. Errmmmm…looks like they just moved offices to Campbell. Take a look at their “contact” page now.



  7. I wonder how desensitized we have become. What about the shattered dreams, the jobs lost…and what about the failures themselves? What do they mean for the very industries (whether Web 2.0 or VOIP) that we feed off?

    Am I missing something?

  8. Hi,
    I hate to be a downer, but will anyone ever create anything with a cell phone?

    I actually have gotten to the point where I refuse to write about them.

    If I could call Andromeda and talk to Elvis, then I might be impressed with VOIP or mobile technology again.

    Barring that, the endless hours we spend (not only talking on the jabber widgets)but writing about them borders on human collective insanity.

    Just some thoughts, sorry to rain on everyone, just remember a time when we actually talked to each other, in person and up close.

    Phil Butler

  9. Yep, Aswath … slip on my part. Sorry about that! Meant to say Vonage. Not exactly the low rent distrect around those parts, eh? Had no clue it was Pru.

    But it might be Verizon, soon enough … 😉

  10. Well there are more companies to join the club. allfreecalls.net is down for a while. hopfully it will get back on track. my wishes to pat phelan. However he is doing good on the uk version.

  11. Tello was an interesting concept before it was hit by the bright shiney object of the month club. It started, as most startups do, with a few folks in a bar, only one of them listed as ‘founders’. These folks poured heart and sweat into figuring out products and technologies.

    Along come a few ‘luminaries’ short on real startup experience and an untried, 1st time CEO who brought in his own team resulting in a predictable, as you say “had a mutiny of sorts.” By months before it was done, not a one of the original ‘founders’ were left, having been run off directly or, “up and quit”.

    It was a fun ride while it lasted. Rumors of a shareholder lawsuit are rattling around as well.

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