31 thoughts on “Google May Have Bought Gizmo5”

  1. Question is… the backbone of Gizmo Project is still the SIPphone backbone — which is very clearly a telecom project that’s been skirting the telecom regs for a while now. Will this hamper Google’s latest cause in trying to get the FCC to consider them NOT a telco (the whole AT&T kerfuffle)?

  2. It would make sense AND explain why “Gizmo” started showing up on Google Voice as an option for connecting or forwarding a phone (e.g. mobile, home, Gizmo).

  3. would google really keep opensky alive. i is after all a hack/workaround that clearly involves violating skype TOS on handing over credential to third parties. i certainly would expect google to kill the workaround/hacks as soon as they take control. if google really believed in that sort of thing gmail would be able to act as a client for hotmail and yahoo mail.

    1. Gizmo5 Opensky is dead. It doesn’t appear on their website and in my account anymore.

      And, of course, your Gmail really can act as Yahoo Mail. Just forward your Yahoo emails to Gmail, then use your Yahoo email address as sender and put the Yahoo SMTP server in your Gmail settings. Gmail then works like Outlook or every other email program for Yahoo Mail. Nobody knows that your messages come from Gmail.

      That’s quite similar to Opensky.

      1. How’s that?

        I have a free account and all of my emails get forwarded to another email address. You find that in Options. Also Gmail can empty your Yahoo regularly with POP3.

      2. actually in most countries yahoo allow POP3 access and forwarding but not for users in USA. here you must subscribe to yahoo plus.

    1. to really make an impact against vonage, cable voice and regular landlines they need to directly support outbound SIP dialing from hardware ATA’s. if they do magicjack, OOMA and all the VOIP firms concentrating on the domestic US market will quickly be out of business. what i believe would come next is free phone lines from ISP’s(this is common in europe). paid telephone(except cellular) in the US will be over.

      1. yes. but if it becomes possible to have a phone that is nearly identical to a POTS line for the cost of an ATA no other payments ever that is a radical change. there are lots of people who do not care about a lower price that would jump in a second if the service was free.

        i talking about massive mass market drooping of paid telephone service by people who never considered VOIP before.

  4. free voip sip or ata service for usa and canada + google voice sms, voicemail and forwarding. all free, it is incredible.

    but enjoy it while it lasts. even google can not afford it. will probably limit it soon.

    1. I love how often GigaOM is 100% correct.
      @joe: data mining. This is all to gather vast quantities of txt convos and voicemail transcription ratings. The costs to them are acutally quite negligible, and they will be creating a speech-to-text database with no rival.

  5. magicJack Users Can Now Connect To Google’s Gizmo5

    Users of the magicJack can now place and receive calls using almost any phone provider in the world including Gizmo5 recently acquired by Google. To top it off, magicJack users now also have a means of connecting directly to office PBX systems using the industry standard SIP communications protocol.

    To take advantage of these new “open network” calling possibilities, magicJack users simply need to install the new SIP dialer software plugin “XlitejackPlugin”. “XlitejackPlugin” allows magicJack and SIP calls to be placed concurrently from the same regular or cordless phone.

    The SIP dialer software plugin supports the use of Counterpath Corporation’s X-Lite SIP softphone dialer. Almost every phone provider in the world provides setup instructions and support for using the X-Lite SIP softphone dialer with their networks.

    To place SIP calls, just dial # before the number you want to call. Regular magicJack calls are placed as normal. For incoming calls, just answer the phone when it rings.

    “XlitejackPlugin” can be downloaded at http://www.pcphonesoft.com

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