6 thoughts on “Hello Canada. This is VoIP”

  1. I subscribe to Vonage Canada and I did the math. Bell Canada’s no frill service = $23 pre-tax. Add Voice Mail and Caller ID = $15. Add 500 minutes of LD in North America = approx. $20. Total Bell bill = $58. I bought Vonage’s $19.95 package with 500 mins and all the frills (Caller ID, Vmail, etc). The incoming calls are free. My bill is now 1/3 what it was. BTW, I have a cel for 911 and power outages.

  2. In the same link that you quote, Mark Evans roughly estimates that it is worth $2B by comparing to 8×8. To which Citron is reportedly “had a smile on his face much like a cat looks like after he’s swallowed the canary.” (All from Mark)

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