6 thoughts on “Home Again, Naturally”

  1. RE: flying Virgin

    You must have been in Upper Class for your Virgin flight. If so, then I whole heartedly agree! They really, really give you the red carpet treatment. From picking you up in a limo and checking you in while you’re still in the car at Heathrow to the best first class lounge ever, Virgin really knows how to pamper you.

    If however, you were in economy/coach then I couldn’t disagree more. Coach on Virgin is so cramped you can’t even fit your knees in if you’re over 6 ft tall. It is freakin’ ridiculous.

    In short, if you’re gonna fly Virgin…only Upper Class. Otherwise, you might as well check into the cargo hold.

  2. Two things Om:

    1) I can’t believe the gods of Cleveland summoned a swarm of locusts to stop the Yankees.

    2)United Business to LHR is just fine with me. I’m sure you fly enough to get 1K status and upgrade yourself for free. Do it!

  3. Virgin Atlantic are the best for the transatlantic flights alright. I’ve gone with the likes of United and Delta recently and it is brutal… no personal monitors or choice on the viewing, and bad service. Regarding “is London the new New York”…? Well, that is a strange statement considering that London has been a major world city for over 1000 years. It’s so insanely expensive, but there are a lot of great Indian restaurants there which makes it worthwhile.

  4. James I agree with you on VA vs the United Airlines. I am not surprised that most of the people I know prefer VA.

    Anyway about the new NY statement, I felt a massive electricity in London, a new kind of vibe which was not there. And i mean it was everywhere. October is not exactly tourist season, and even so the city was throbbing.

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