7 thoughts on “In 2008, Broadband Growth Slowed”

  1. @Om,

    I think a better headline for the post may be “In 2008, Wireline Broadband Growth Slowed” as wireless broadband has taken off. Just a suggestion, unless of course there still is a net decline when taking wireless broadband add/losses into account.

    My $.02.



  2. Usually I prefer news to opinion, but in this case I would like to know the speculation as to why there is a downward trend…is it perhaps, as the other commenter mentioned…wireless is taking over Wireline?

  3. @Sue Choppers-Wife

    Well, if you were a regular reader you would have known that. But since you are not, the reason for slowing growth is the slowing economy. No new homes being built and no new net additions of broadband connections. It is also people switching to one service – say 3G or using WiFi at their local starbucks to save some money. Many reasons. I will do a full piece later.

  4. We all have to start somewhere…I just found your site yesterday, on PR 2.0, which I also just found 🙂

    I do appreciate getting an answer though, most comments online seem to drop into a black hole somewhere. I’ll subscribe so I can get the full piece later.

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