13 thoughts on “Internet of things will have 24 billion devices by 2020”

  1. Internet of things is a new revolution of the Network. The objects become recognizable and acquire intelligence by connecting to the Net. Make a simple research on google, and you’ll find a plenty of embedded platform fot IoT. For my projects, I chose openpicus embedded platform. A standalone platform for embedded applications to interact via web, email or messages with simple sensors or complex electronic equipment.

  2. This revolution, as Om described it, fundamentally changes the way we live, work and play. As a part of Texas Instruments Wireless Connectivity Solutions business, I am not only excited to be one of the 20B conenctions but also to provide technology that enables developers to come up with the applications and use cases that haven’t even been thought of today. It will be an exciting ride!

  3. I am a thing that has been interconnected for a while. The things that this thing (me) interacts with will now answer to other things and some of those things will be things like me. Also some of those things like me will have things that interact with my things. At some point some of these things controlled by multiple things will begin to control itself more than it is controlled by things. Things other than things like me will have motivations. But these things will not have desires. They are not that kind of thing.

  4. What is the difference between Mobile and Total Connected? Does “Mobile” connected imply devices with 3G/4G connections and the “Total” implies WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.?

  5. Great post. Here’s an article that describes the top benefits of utilizing cloud computing in general, and a cloud database in particularhttp://blog.caspio.com/web-database/top-benefits-of-database-cloud-computing/

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