18 thoughts on “Introducing, The Daily Om”

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  2. om,
    congrats on the new addition! i’ve already added it to my blogroll. i made a similar decision a couple months ago when i created a nortel blog (nortel.wordpress.com). it seems like more work having multiple blogs but it easier to have specific focuses. if web 2.0 in canada ever gets going, maybe i’ll create a blog for that!

    cheers, mark

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  5. I think authoris should stick to one blog if they can. I don’t really understand the difference between TechCrunch and CrunchNotes and am somewhat miffed that it takes up two entries in my list.

  6. pwb, well come to think of it, you won’t feel the difference unless you are looking, except fewer posts which means you get enough time to read. and comment. which you do anyway. if you look at daily om, you will see the difference though!

  7. More common than you’d think, Om. I recently took down UnwireMyCity.com, refocused, and launched anew with more focus: MetroNetIQ.com. But I’m also working on my second blog, HumptyRedux.com, so I’ll have an outlet to comment on cultural change, my other passion. A blog needs focus and identity, but when you’re a blogger with strong opinions, its well-nigh impossible to sit silent just because the subject is outside your blog’s focus – enter … the secondary blog, or in is case, the Daily Om. Best of luck, love your writing.

  8. Om,

    Great idea!
    It makes sense to split the opinion pieces from the shorter, quirky bites that brighten the blogsphere.

    Any plans of taking the BroadbandWiki concept further? There is also a need for that type of reference material.

    Keep up the good work,

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