11 thoughts on “iPhone SDK This Week? So Says GyPSii”

  1. iPhone SDK has already been broken long time ago – and is already quite well documented and available – otherwise how books like this one would be ready for print long before apple released the SDK?


    … even before Apple announce its SDK? With a little bit of effort its easy to find fully documented iPhone SDK (e.g. check http://ericasadun.com) – what apple is going to “release” in a few days will be 99% exactly whats out there already.

    So its easy for companies like GyPSii to write “apple native apps” even before apple iphone sdk release – they know that the “official SDK release” wont bring nothing new to the game because cards are already shown to everybody!

  2. Umm… if you look at the Apple press invite, it clearly talks about the fact that the SDK roadmap will be revealed tomorrow. There’s an even a graphic that shows a road sign with the words SDK on it. Why are we speculating if there will be an SDK or not? Looks to me like GyPSii is just front running their PR ahead of tomorrow’s announcements…

  3. For what it’s worth I have recently blogged about the SDK from the perspective of the best practices, workflows and building blocks already supported by the iPhone/iPod touch.

    Might provide some fodder for thinking about where the application landscape is headed — subject to what Apple ultimately chooses to open up in terms of APIs and tools that support same.

    Check it out if interested:

    Mobility 2.0 and the iPhone SDK http://thenetworkgarden.com/weblog/2008/03/mobility-20-and.html


  4. Hi,

    I was hoping that someone could help me understand what the SDK is? Not tech smart but want to buy an iPhone. Does this mean that I still have to buy an unlocked iPhone?

    If so, will i be able to do all the updates or will it do something to my iphone? how important are these updates anyway?

  5. Hi Taimur,

    An SDK allows developers to built applications specific to a device. In this case, the SDK will allow developers to build applications for iPhone/iPod touch.

    The goodness of that is that whereas today there are very few “official” applications that run on these devices (but plenty of web applications), soon developers will be able to build applications that run locally on iPhone and touch devices, which just means a lot of potential for innovation of applications that can take advantage of touch screen, rich media functions, etc.

    If anything, many of these applications will be commercial so folks will want to sell their innovations.

    This is completely independent of the locked/unlocked issue (I am assuming when you say unlocked you are talking about carrier alternatives ).

    Hope this helps.


  6. Gypsii is not a compelling application, users need to use GPRS or 3G to upload the images to the website. Not many users will be keen to spend their own money to upload images.

    Gypsii is just trying to be like Apple, to get money from the telcos.

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