8 thoughts on “iPhone, Shift to the Wireless Web Boosts AT&T”

  1. @Om,

    Though I agree 100% with your comments about the iPhone and its’ value to AT&T, I think the larger opportunity in mobile broadband lies in laptop data plan adoption. I think if AT&T (as well as the other carriers offering mobile broadband) eliminate data caps and go to flat rate pricing which is easy to understand, I think they’ll see an explosion in usage of mobile broadband data that will simply dwarf the iPhone as well as all the other smartphones combined.

    My $.02.


    1. I agree with you that a flat price rate for laptop data plans will certainly cause a huge increase in their use, but I don’t think this will dwarf the iPhone or other smart-phone usage. I find that more and more I’m depending on my iPhone rather than lugging my laptop around. Certainly there are times when you need the larger, more powerful machine, but when we can I think we will opt for smaller, lighter, and more manageable devices like the iPhone.

      Like Om, I was falling out of love with my iPhone because of problems with AT&T, but over the last month I’ve seem major improvements in my connections with them and have had almost no issues at all with calls or data. This caused me to move up to the 3GS in the last week and that was a huge improvement over my 1st Gen iPhone. As has been stated by many, I think AT&T was simply overwhelmed by the success of the iPhone and it has taken them some time to play catch up.

      Carriers certainly want to make as much money as they can and do with their pricing policies. They need to adopt a strategy that allows us to access the network seamlessly with whatever device we want at any given time at a reasonable price. Moving from your smart-phone, laptop, touch pad, or to whatever tool you need to accomplish a task, without jumping through too many hoops.
      I don’t mind the hoops, but the problem is currently the hoops you have to jump through are on fire.

  2. Oh yeah AT&T is just raking in the dough, are you nuts? Hey Om, did you happen to read the article in the WSJ reporting that RIM and Apple had 35% of cell profits with 3% of profits? Why do you think that is??? Maybe the $400 subsidy ATT coughs up? Larger than any other device. The phone is a loser on ATT balance sheets for at least 18 months. But idiots like you in the press continually lambast “ma bell” and give apple nothing but glory. Remember Verizon turned down the deal that made the phone cheap enough for consumers to afford. AT&T gave in to Apple not the other way around. Take your network issue pity party out of the public forum. You are letting your personal experience get in the way of good reporting.

  3. why is AT&T still wasting time trying to compete on content and all the other crap? it’s the network…stupid. build the best darn wireless network in the USofA. get out of your meetings that go nowhere and shore up the freakin’ network!!!

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