3 thoughts on “iPod Chip Supplier’s CEO To Leave”

  1. “Apple is now buying chips from Samsung and Sigma Designs for iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle respectively”

    I have it that iPod Shuffle chips were supplied by Sigmatel, not Sigma Designs (which specializes in full-scale media processors and UWB chipsets). I don’t see a single press release showing a link between Sigma Designs and the Shuffle. Is there one?

  2. Portal player will not hang onto the Apple contract for long. Apple Computer has no sense of corporate loyalty. Years ago, Bill Gates invested millions of dollars to keep Apple afloat, and Apple has rewarded them by running an aggressive ad campaign poking fun at the man responsible for the corporate health of their company today.

  3. He may be making the right decision regardless. It seems to me that he is the kind of guy who likes to get things going, but he isn’t very good at sustaining things. For that you need a different kind of guy altogether, and him getting out the way probably makes space for the right kind of guy to come in and lead the company in its new season. His time is over, and a new season has come. I think it’s great that he seems to have realised this.

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