11 thoughts on “iSkoot Reboots, Looks at a New Mobile Future”

  1. Om, Re iSkoot, confused by your positioning, on the feature set and value proposition to the end user.

    My take, after reading your piece and reviewing the service, Iskoot offers ‘quasi’ mobile VOIP and web 2.0 services to non smart phone users. Gosh, I hope I have that right?

    “By marrying its location and presence information with Social. IM’s notification and push technology, iSkoot has now developed a mobile client that can receive live updates, multitask and use many web applications on lower-priced phones.”

    What do you mean by lower end phones?

    Explain to me how?

    Notifier compatible devices i.e. Sony Ericsson W380a compatible with Notifier, not compatible with iSkoot, or the Skype component. At least not listed as compatible.

    System Requirements
    for the Beta Trial:
    • Install iSkoot on your
    mobile phone
    • A mobile calling plan with a data service subscription…

    Lower end phones, don’t have data plans. That depends on the definition of lower end phone.

    May initial take away; from your post was iSkoot is a bridge to mobile Web2.0 services for low end phone owners. Upon review can’t play with iSkoot , at least using the Skype component, unless I have data plan and wifi enable phone, hardly low end.

    There also appear to a host of discrepancies between Notifier and iSkoot, in supported devices.

    Early in the game though!

  2. iSkoot have the robust ability to route your Skype calls over the voice channel that your Skype calls sound matches the quality of your normal phone calls.

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