14 thoughts on “Limewire: No Lemonade For This Lemon”

  1. Limewire will most likely lose all their users if the content isnt free. Thats what people know Limewire for. Free everything, some dont even know its “illegal”.

  2. I agree that Limewire will have a very hard time charging for a service users are used to getting for free. Very few web services have done this succesffully. In face, Match.com is about the only one that pops to mind.

    I downloaded Limewire to my home desktop and not only did it slow it down, but I am convinced it was single-handedly responsible for crashing my machine all together.

    I say when life hands you limewire, make some limeade…and then go get your music somewhere else.

  3. yeah. so NOT a suprise.

    when you’re on a level playing field with itunes, you’re toast. especially when your front end is inferior AND you don’t play on an ipod.

    when drm is gone, there will be 100 companies rushing into this market. the only thing that will separate them is the front end user experience.

    pipes become a commodity.

  4. It’s interesting though that they want to offer an MP3-based subscription package. Emusic seems to do quite well with that business model …

  5. Limewire is a last resort as it is, since 90% of the files downloaded are completely infected anyway. It’s hard to see how anyone would be willing to pay for such shoddy product when they’re already trying to get it for free.

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