11 thoughts on “McLeodUSA shuts down Texas”

  1. That’s good information to know. McLeod USA has also had a round of lay offs in the Salt Lake City office and the local customer service and sales offices have closed.

  2. Do you have any insight on what is transpiring in the cleveland market,and what the customers can expect?

  3. I was recently laid off in San Antonio. All sales positions were affected. Only the key personell need to run network operations were spared. I am going back into real estate with my wife. Too bad McLeodUSA had to lay us off, they really were a good emplorer and have a great network.

  4. I am a former employee…and have to laugh at the person above that said they were a great employeer…what a joke…thanks for the laugh. How nice it was to watch my 401K take a beating and having it frozen …so you could not do anything with it. I worked on the newtwork for 5 yrs and helped build it out. We tried…but management -past and present destroyed it all. They get what they deserve. I could tell all types of stories of missing(stolen) equipment that just happened to walk away. Or how bout stupid contracts that upper mgmt made – such as buildings that have 20 yr leases and are standing empty. Contracts for people – that can not be fired no matter how poor the performance. It is sad – they cut techs that keep the whole network running and keep the high priced engineers that do nothing. It is sad that so many people had to go through this pain trying to make the company work. I like many watched so many layoffs of good people…and could not take it anymore…so I got out. I could not be happier. Sad thing is …the workers will get screwed….and management will get the golden parachutes and walk away with the money that they SO deserve! Very sad…but mgmt destroyed things…and they are not even worth buying. Oh the stories I could tell …..

  5. McleodUSA’s upper and middle management do NOT know a telephone line from a clothes line. You folks (the worker bees who actually DO know the voice/data biz) must stop expending your valuable hope on this McKlunker CLEC & get busy making plans to move to a better opportunity ASAP! Chrissy-Poo-Davis makes very big buckaroos $$$ and is laughing her way to the bank while the rest of you good folks are continually wavering on the edge of a nervous breakdown waiting for the axe. Will you wake up already!?!? This never ending McLoser downsizing rollercoaster is not worth your stress…PERIOD!

  6. I represent them along with many other carriers. Their director of third party agents practically brow beat my boss into agreeing to do one deal with them. I said fine, let’s sell a new customer 4 pots lines. SHould be an easy process. Right? WRONG! after an hour on the phone with him and another support person, I still did not have the paperwork filled out correctly, the prices were not that great and when I told my customer he would have to sign 6-8 pieces of paper he almost laughed at me. NO wonder this company is in trouble. Bad processes, little consideration for customer’s time much less their agent’s and numerous horror stories of poor cutovers, service and billing.

    Anyonme have any insight as to who might be willing to give me a list of their customers? I would like to start prospecting them now because I believe it is just a matter of time before they get 30 day disconnect notices.

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