11 thoughts on “Meebo Grows Up, Goes Beyond IM Roots, Launches Platform”

  1. Interesting concept. IM convergence platform with social network tools. I would love to see a group voice call bridging all these different IM buddies in one call. Not sure if meebo has cracked the code for that. Though I like to use a single IM client, aim forced to use other IM clients because of my buddies. The value proposition for meebo is the software that integrates all these different IM vendors in one single client/web. Not sure how is meebo going to stop any of these big IM vendors from blocking their platform. I mean, my point is– meebo’s platform is in mercy of other IM vendors.
    Om, are u sure about the pudding link. It doesn’t seem to be a voice or video calling company. Are u referring pudding media ?

  2. The success of a platfom depends on

    [1] The richness of the API – how deep does it let the API go? Can a “platform” app access the users’ buddy lists and send messages on their behalf, for example? Can it add graphics or actions to the Meebo UI?

    [2] Masses. Does anybody know how many Meebo users are really out there?

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