6 thoughts on “Microsoft’s big spending ways”

  1. So microsoft is planning to buy doubleClick for the technology or the network? Microsoft already have their own technology – adcentral. So why not spend this $2 billion to improve their platform. Most likely answer is the second answer. They may want to acquire the reach of doubleClick. Is it both? Any better answers?

  2. Hmmm…thought it sounded pretty logical until I read Don Dodge’s comments…now it sounds like it might be too expensive; even with great synergies, etc…

    If 2 billion figure is accurate, that would buy a lot of $10-50 mill innovative companies and technologies…

    …of course, they could always launch a new PPC ad platform where the advertisers; using stored personal profiles; select and bid directly on sets of people’s actual demographic traits; ie, “I’ll pay $15 for every 45 yr old, married w/2 children, homeowning and football-loving, lives in zip 90210 male looking for a plasma TV who clicks on my ad”…or; in another embodiment; allow “searchers” to input a data/character stream in their search box like:

    “male +45 +married +2 kids +own home +football +plasma TV +90210”

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