6 thoughts on “Microsoft’s CellPhone-y Plan”

  1. Om,
    You couldn’t have summed this better. Just one question comes to mind, did any of these ppl see what these “poor” need ? Its resembling a turf battle where MS doesn’t want to lose out on these potential next generation users.

  2. I think that discussing alternatives in delivering computing to the poor completely misses the point. There are so many people in developing nations who dont have access to cheap computing, each with different needs. Going with a PC model, a phone model or anything in between – bring it all on. See my related post

  3. I’m betting the world’s poor are more worried about clean water, vaccines, basic education, labor rights, etc.

    Maybe the geniuses at Davos can also figure out a plan for the world’s poor to all get a piece of cake?

  4. Companies such as Quasar (www.quasarinnovations.com) are working on $10-$25 cellphones (using TI’s low-cast ref designs). These cellphones if bluetooth enabled, can really do what Gates dreams of – use TVs, use keyboards.

    I really believe this is the way to the future. The $100 laptop is over rated. It is an attempt to force-fit an over-priced product to a third-world market.

    The low-cost ($10-$25) cellphone with bluetooth and TV connection is the real way forward.

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