8 thoughts on “Mobile WiMAX Standard Approved”

  1. A note on 16d and 16e incompatibility: 16e is backwards compataible with 16d, but there is no simple upgrade path for 16d base-stations to 16e base-stations. So, if you deploy 16d now, you will spend a lot of money if you want to upgrade to 16e. If you deploy the first available 16e base-stations, they will work with peoples 16d modems.

  2. Well the sooner they roll it out the sooner they will see how expensive it really is to get coverage and how there are very little end user customers.

    In the mean time 802.11 will continue to recapitulate the evolution of Ethernet and WiMax continues in the footsteps of token ring anyLan (802.12) and ATM…

  3. WiFi is not an access technology and you still need some kind of access to be able to deliver service. There is lots of areas especially in the country I am living (Thailand) and the region which lack copper or other alternative to deliver Broadband service. In that aspect WiMAX has a lot of promises and the recent approval of 16e is an important step towards univesal broadband access.

  4. Thinking that 802.11 and 802.16 are competing technologies is a mistake. This is not like comparing ethernet and token ring, it is like comparing copper cable and fiber. 802.11 is a great technology and it scales really well up to a point, after that point there are better technologies and 802.16 is one of them.

  5. We continue to ignore the fact that 802.16e Mobile will have to operate at the 2.0Ghz spectrum and above and as such will have major problem operating in heavy canopy (trees & foliage)areas that cover most Metro markets outside the Central Plains and Dessert states. Tree/leave absorb foliage and do not allow the OFDM feature to perform.
    Watch the new Wireless Mesh Networks with existing and future release 802.11a/b/g and n radios dominate this metro market, operating below most canopies.


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