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  1. Social networking sites rely heavily upon their (constantly updating) databases and by their nature are non-trivial to scale and/or replicate across datacenters. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if MySpace was only in one datacenter. Many (most?) Internet services are not replicated across datacenters.

  2. Om, I might be being naive here, but that looks like a Flash game, not an ad. So I bet those millions of MySpace users are saying “damn, I got eaten by a ghost again.”

    Also, if you view source, the comments (from past outages) are sort of funny. 🙂

  3. Jake,

    You can do remote replication, just get a couple of dedicated links and you’d be ready to go. WordPress.com, with probably 1/400 resources that Myspace has already does this.

    That said, I am just guessing here without having any knowledge of the inner workings. So I would cut them some slack.

  4. if myspace doesn’t come back within the hour, i’m going to start killing kittens… no, really… i’ll do it…


  5. this is interesting to me, given the number of users myspace, this would be the equivilant of something like Yahoo or Google going down for a day, which is unheard of, but people are so used to the bugs in myspace that it seems almost normal that its down.

    I must admit though, it is very complex and must be difficult to run.

  6. rely heavily upon their (constantly updating) databases and by their nature are non-trivial to scale and/or replicate across datacenters.

    Doesn’t Amazon maintain consistancy across databases hosted across data centres? If they can, why can’t MySpace?

  7. Debra: The difference there is that WordPress was actually planned out. MySpace was a purely accidental success. God only knows what billions of teenagers and every band that can string 3 chords together sees in the horrible interface, flash ads, flash music players that play automatically, etc. etc.

  8. wafermouse: firefox users with the adblock extension can disable the ads… and with greasmonkey scripts, you can make the interface to suit you… and you can disable the autoplay of the music in Home~Account Settings~Music Settings…

    brent: firefox has an extension called “reloadevery” which allows you to set your browser to automatically reload the page at a specified interval (mine is set at 5 seconds)…

  9. Maybe I’m getting old, but this seems to happen every summer. I’ve seen a lot more people seriously talking about disaster recovery in the last few years, and locating the site that pays all your bills in a data center in California seems like a bad idea. California has a power shortage and no visible plans to solve the problem–even if they did it would take years to catch up to demand. What happens to your business when a huge earthquake hits the bay area? If it were my business on the line I’d be somewhere like Chicago.

  10. Uh… Chicago has intense heat during the summer and experiences many, many widespread power outages. Bad idea.

  11. OH NO!!…myspace is down all myspace user’s must commit mass suicide! :O AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!

  12. How MySpace Works

    “# Database: MySpace has a 20-terabyte (TB), scalable cluster of Isilon IQ 1920i servers. (A terabyte is 1 trillion bytes.) The cluster stores users’ uploaded media files (images, videos, songs), among other things. It runs on 3.2-GHz Intel Xeon processors and has 10 server nodes storing 1.92 TB each. The nodes communicate on the InfiniBand architecture, which establishes point-to-point, serial connections between each server node. Isilon reports that data-transfer speeds are in the neighborhood of 3 GBps.

    Back-end: MySpace’s back-end is an InfiniBand server switch. A server switch facilitates communication between multiple severs on multiple platforms — in this case, between all of the servers in the MySpace infrastructure and between the MySpace servers and the external servers that deliver content to the end user. The Equinix Exchange central server switch in Los Angeles hosts MySpace’s content delivery. Equinix Exchange is an Ethernet-based peering service that connects MySpace to all of the top-tier Internet backbones through a single hub — a ‘fabric’ of server switches connecting all Equinix networks. Content travels from MySpace through any of the Equinix-connected networks based on the most efficient route to the user and the available bandwidth on a network at any given time.”


  13. It’s sucks that such a huge site would have a hard time keeping itself up and running. What a disaster.

    Cheer up, emo kids.

  14. can u imagine if myspace never came back? all those surveys, blogs and comments will be LOST FOREVER!! oh no! for the mean time, everyone is just keeping themselves preoccupied by making REAL friends, talking on the phone or looking at anime porn (that’s what happened w/my friend and he told me to check out heinka and i freaked out bc i didnt know what it was) ANYWAY! i think there is more to this story; i bet myspace will start charging once it comes back up. It’ll also have us enter our ID # to prove that we’re not a teenager using myspace to whore ourselves.

  15. why does this have to crash, i dont understand how they loose the data, its online, so surely its quite hard to actually loose that data, and i hope that that doesn’t mean that we will all use our myspace profiles e.t.c…

    Oh my god can you imagine if that was to happen, myspace starting all pver again, oh dear that WOULD be hell for sure.

    Amy x x x

  16. omg.. myspace :'( i need it… lol.. joke… but seriously myspace took me ages to make and set up.. and all the people on there are my REAL friends from school and stuff but i do agree with talking changa.. we mite all have to varify ourselves and possibly pay! wat a disaster!

  17. someone JUST told me it has to do with the flash player 9 update… hmmmmmm thats something i didnt think of!

  18. Dimitar,

    Thanks for the link, quite informative.

    The money quote in it:

    Equinix Exchange is an Ethernet-based peering service that connects MySpace to all of the top-tier Internet backbones through a single hub — a ‘fabric’ of server switches connecting all Equinix networks

    In spite of all the fancy hardware, that introduces a single point of failure, which is a damn stupid thing to do.

    It is always a good idea to partition large volume infrastructures in terms of DNS, middleware code and databases, aka, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, no matter how huge or well-designed the basket is, because all baskets fail at some point or the other.

    Strangely, the domain resolves to two different sets of IPs in CA and AZ. So, they are distributed in a manner of speaking.

  19. all the news channels are reporting that the message posted on the temp page “hopefully back online within the hour. it’s 6:40pm PST now” was posted sunday at that time… that is so not true… THAT was the same message posted saturday evening during the first round of problems, which lasted until around 3am PST… the site was mostly functional throughout the morning sunday, and it totally went down around noon… the temp page was put up shortly after that, and the message from saturday was added around 9pm PST…

    hour my ass…

    btw, the temp page is being served out of the AZ data center…

  20. this is the message if you try to go directly to a forum page…

    ” Site will be down for maintenance from 2:00AM PST to around 4:00AM PST. July 24, 2006. “

    2am my ass…

    and it’s 11 minutes til 4… (not holding breath)

  21. god damn when will these so called “News Corp” Big Corporation Retards Get It Together Anyways Im Sick Of Myspace And All Their Spam “New Friend Requests” And Offers For “Free Ringtones” And Shitty Ad-Games Like “Click Faster And Beat Bush Or Paris Hilton” Fuck Myspace… Anyways Check My Myspace.com/merchantsofthebloodtrade No Really I Cant Wait To log Back On And See My “New Friend Request”

  22. Is it me or have all the children come from MySpace and posted in the comments here?

    In years of reading this site I’ve never seen such juvenile comments. Lets all hope they get MySpace back up so the kids can go home.

  23. i’m not surprised in the least that it’s taken them upwards of 10 hours to recover from this power outage. myspace is a hacked-together piece of crap, and their “admin team” are retarded. the fact that it’s written in coldfusion is testament to the stupidity of their developers and admins.

  24. Well maybe an update on the website might help people become less frustrated, its like a mobile phone, some people can not go throughout there day with using it! So kids not! Just normal people wanting to get on.

  25. oh… my. I think i’m going to go crazy! … I just want to see my new comments/ messages [and hopefuly a friend request or two] man, life can be so cruel. MYSPACE! I NEED YOU BACK! If my account is gone, I do belive I will die because I am serious about getting 500 friends by the end of summer. GOD PLEASE HELP!

  26. The Function that you are currently trying to use is disabled and will be back shortly.

    We are making some minor changes to this section please bear with us until we can get this back online.

    Please do NOT email me about this. Just wait it out. 7/24/2006 -Tom

    Loaded up the sign in page typed in pw and so on and came up with this new message.

  27. I can almost gurantee this is not a power issue..

    There would never be a power outage that lasts this long in a big ISPs Data Center unless there were serious power issues in the city where that data center is located, which then would be all over the local news for the corresponding city.

    All DC’s have diesel backup generators, and incredible power infrastructures

    I think theres much more to this issue and obviously mysapce is hiding it and assuming it’s users are dumb and are going to believe this is a power issue.

    And if there was a power outage, wouldn’t some of the other customer’s sites and services experience issues as well?

    A few of Equinix Data Center’s customers include

    America Online
    Carpathia Hosting
    Electronic Arts
    General Electric
    Loral Cyberstar
    Micron Technology
    Nortel / Kidz Online
    Radio Free Virgin
    Royal & Sun Alliance
    Server Central
    Sony Online Entertainment
    Washingtonpost Newsweek Interactive
    WV Fiber, LLC

    Traceroute’s to myspace.com, http://www.myspace.com and music.myspace.com all resolve to different ip’s but you can see they’re all in the same data center.

    18 90 ms 91 ms 90 ms pos1-1-2488M.ar2.LAX2.gblx.net []
    19 89 ms 89 ms 89 ms MYSPACE-COM.ge4-1.ar2.LAX2.gblx.net [
    20 89 ms 87 ms 88 ms vl341.cs1.lax1.myspace.com []
    21 92 ms 92 ms 91 ms vl550.cs1.lax1.myspace.com []

    22 89 ms 88 ms 90 ms

    19 81 ms 80 ms 79 ms MYSPACE-COM.ge4-1.ar2.LAX2.gblx.net [
    20 81 ms 79 ms 80 ms vl341.cs1.lax1.myspace.com []
    21 83 ms 84 ms 84 ms vl550.cs1.lax1.myspace.com []

    22 79 ms 80 ms 80 ms

    19 91 ms 88 ms 90 ms MYSPACE-COM.ge4-1.ar2.LAX2.gblx.net [
    20 88 ms 88 ms 88 ms vl341.cs1.lax1.myspace.com []
    21 92 ms 98 ms 99 ms ve340.ni-a.myspace.com []
    22 89 ms 90 ms 88 ms

    The only possible power issue, is the distributed power going into myspaces cages at the DC. But in a situation like that, it would be fixed very fast, based on a myspace’s size and the money they probably pay to Equinix(Their Data Center) they would be a premium client, and the DC would have set times to fix issues with their services.

    As of now, it looks like http://www.myspace.com and video.myspace.com are loading fine, but myspace.com still shows the message.

    If you try to login, there are issues as well.

    So myspace is clearly playing the bullshit role in letting everyone know what is going on.

  28. Obviously the power is back on. As a server adminstrator, I know that once the power goes back on, your servers should resume as normal. They either have hardware problems (which I don’t think is the case since you can access something) or software problems. Their Coldfusion site doesn’t seem to like the reboot.

  29. i can finally login again. my information is all gone though so my profile is all plain. this seems to be happening to a number of profiles but not all. i got to wait it out til my info gets restored.

  30. No one else in Equinix LA went down, which suggests the problem is Myspace, rather than Equinix. Also, the commenter above who talked about Equinix Exchange is clearly having several gross conceptual errors about how Internet peering and peering points work. Internet Exchange Points are extremely redundant and there is no evidence that there was an IXP problem. Myspace is actually spreading to other sites – they are operational in Equinix’s Sterling, VA and Chicago sites, although they may not be serving pages from there, yet. So, to summarize: Equinix is fine, Myspace is in multiple data centers, and it wasnt a peering issue. GigaOm doesn’t seem to be doing so well on this one…

  31. Hey, Tom says it was a power outage, so it WAS a power outage:

    Tom Latest Update:

    23 Jul 2006 13:38
    hello everyone – so there was a power outage in LA yesterday. unfortunately it directly hit the data center where myspace’s servers are located. lots of people were affected. the backup power failed and that’s why myspace has been screwy since yesterday afternoon. we are still working to get everything back in order. i know what most of the problems are, it’s just giong to take awhile to fix them. thx for your patience!’

  32. I’m not doubting “Tom”, but I have reports from folks who are tenants of Equinix LA that no one saw any other networks go down, other than Myspace. If they did have a problem at Equinix, it was localized to their cage. And as far as Equinix Exchange – from talking to other peers on the switching fabric, it never went down.

    While Myspace does have stuff in Equinix LA, they are the anchor tenant in Equinix’s El Segundo site, which is pretty empty, and just opened recently. A power outage in Equinix El Sugundo would be far more likely. Also, there have been massive power problems in One Wilshire, the key LA Carrier Hotel over the past week or so, but I’m not sure if they have anything there.

  33. Om,
    It would appear there are many posts which do not add value to the overall discussion of the ‘outage’ calamity at Myspace. Maybe you need to take some action in the future on this.

    Anyways, back to the calamity itself. Maybe this will serve as a reminder to Myspace that TRUST is the major factor in any customer becoming and staying a customer of Myspace (or any other social network). The mere hint of losing personal data can be catastrophic. Myspace needs to reinforce whatever systems they have and more importantly reinforce that TRUST element with its customers (better description than users). Customers may not pay for the service, but if the TRUST goes, so does the page impressions and the revenue.

    It would be interesting to see what happens (from Myspace) in the coming days in resepect to the outage and what messages they give to their customers.

    Lets just hope their is a message, because that will show everybody they treat Myspace users as customers, not…?

  34. Just wanted to clarify that the MySpace power outage did not happen at an Equinix center. Equinix’s data centers were operating as normal over the weekend and this morning, providing consistent power to all customers. MySpace operates in Equinix data centers, but it also hosts operations in other data centers where we understand the incident occurred.

    Margie Backaus, chief business officer, Equinix

  35. If Google and Yahoo are also customers of Equinix, why weren’t they too affected by the supposed power outage that impacted Equinix’ data center?

  36. my only true grievance about this is that on my myspace i have real friends… who i actually know, but who live far away are out of my cell calling area. also, i just done making my own .div layout
    which i had to teach myself. which sucked.
    you figure that they could majorly streamline the site down to ONLY social networking… not the plethora of pointless options which they give you to browse…

    but that would make too much sense.
    or they could just have news corp buy them a few new servers.
    or hire some intellegent programmers.
    im sure they can afford it.

  37. my myspace is dead. at least the homepage is. I can access the profiles but not my homepage. Stupid ass Tom. Doesnt know shit on how to fix Myspace up properly. Asshole.

  38. And once again MySpace is F-ed up. You can’t log in. Not to mention I dont believe that whole thing was a power outage anyway because when it came back up peoples pictures were deleted and pages edited.

  39. Yep, down once again. I see the homepage, but so far mine and another persons profiles say invalid or deleted. Don’t think so. So yes, once again, F’ed up.

  40. is it down again??? i logged in and it said my acct was deleted (both!!!). now it’s coming up with a log in pop up box…grrrr…i’m starting to hate myspace! i’d quit, but i have so much time invested in it lol.

    damn california sunshine.

  41. Yep, I can’t even see the forums to see why or how it got screwed up once gain cause the forums won’t load. If the homepage works, why then can’t they post what is wrong on the homepage? Or heck, why can’t there be a seperate webpage all together so people can check on the status if it is down? Obviously this would have to be totally seperate from Myspace as we can see how often it gets messed up. At least people would know what the problem is, or at least that it is being worked on.

  42. I was checking my myspace and it says it was deleted? I was able to look at my friends page that happens to still be up and my name was still on their friends list. now TOM was on her list so I clicked on TOMs and his page was deleted! I feel there was a major hack going on and a bunch of peoples profiles have been deleted!

  43. The profiles aren’t deleted, just glitches again. The forums are back up and you can go have a look there. Hey there is always Facebook still for those that use it. It’s working fine.

  44. I’m having the same problems. I’m glad I’m not the only one. It came in steps. First there were two friends I couldn’t see, then all of them, then I got the “account deleted” message on my profile, then Myspace home itself wouldn’t show up. I’m pissed…

  45. Thanks to the power outage, I discovered that there is a fake world outside my basement. But I want to go back to my real world soon !

  46. you can still look at everything if you can log in…justclick your mail link at the top to see messages, cmnts, and bulletins 😀

    i still hate tom.

  47. Latest Update: 08:59AM PST, Friday, July 28th.
    hiya – your accounts are not deleted. we’re just moving some databases around to a new data center. we’re workin on things right now.

  48. do what kumar said and you will find
    this statement from TOM:

    08:59AM PST, Friday, July 28th.
    hiya – your accounts are not deleted. we’re just moving some databases around to a new data center. we’re workin on things right now.

  49. is anyone having a problem attempting to log on. i know it’s down but can some of you actually log on or is that disabled as well?

  50. You can try and log in, then click the links, but you might have problem with them loading. So many people are going crazy that you might sit for years waiting to read mail or see blogs, etc. I can tell you my profile will let me log in, then it says it is going through routine maintainance, but I can’t get any of the links to work. They just pend loading, so I won’t even mess with it.

    I think Firefox and MySpace should get together because I have more problems with these 2 things then anything. I use to have no prob with Firefox, and now it crashes and freezes at least 20x a day.

    Use it all of the time, and won’t use IE, but I wish things would get better. Anyway back to the topic, just give it time.

  51. Yep, MySpace is down AGAIN! What am I supposed to do all day in the meantime? Work you say? Hell no! lol There’s only so much work to do! My brain is falling asleep as we speak! Damn that Tom! He shouldn’t tease us with the homepage & then not allow us to login. Or let us login & then not allow us to access any of the links. The wait time for pages to load almost makes me feel like I did back in the day when I used the 1st computer ever invented! And the blackout excuse is obviously just a scapegoat. That’s impossible! The truth is, they f’d up! This site sux! And if I hadn’t invested so much time in it already, I’d just stop using it altogether.
    If I lose my site or any info, I’m gonna be PISSED OFF!!!
    What sux more is the fact that I’ve tried to login so many times, that it’s given me a message that I need to type in a verification code now. Problem is, I can’t see the verification code…it’s not there! So now I’m locked out of my account anyhow. UMPH! =( HATE YOU TOM!!! lol

  52. Yeah i have the same problem. I cannot login what-so-ever due to me attempting to login way too many times. Then they don’t even provide a proper image link so that i may see the verification code. gah! this blows. Oh well i guess i HAVE to work hahahah!

  53. You guys are hilarious. look at how messed up we are over myspace not working. this is definetly a bad thing.

    there should be emergency myspace sites or something.

    its like Y2K is happening.

    i agree with this person:

    Posted by Johnny B. on Jul 28th, 2006 at 8:06 AM – Permalink
    Why can’t The Governator fix this? Declare a state of emergency!!!

  54. A lot of peole are asking about myspace around Detroit area, it is down. Cannot log in or anything…so people can but most cant. Not many people have access to myspace the last couple days.

  55. A question; I want to go to http://www.sitespaces.net only I can not registrate there, after completing the whole form,they say the whole time:”There was an error: please enter the correct image number and try again ” I exactly copy the shown nr the whole time. Why is it called Image nr,I dont see any image,just a plain typed nr. I cant contact them they dont give an e.mail adress,only a connection which doesnt work for me Ive got no program for that.Can not find blank ex. etc I get.Could you ask them what I do wrong,or get an e-mail adress from them ? PS read my bulletin “Myspace can delete any group any time from yesterday.

  56. Ps Im fed up with Myspace thats why. Something strange is going on there. How can it be no journalist pics this up,its since one week now almost.

  57. Wonder who it is that is responsible for overseeing that the site is run in a half-way professional manner?

  58. Thanks Nicole! Think I’m going to be shopping around for other social networking sites on offer. Obviously, the silly lumpen who control/manage MySpace will never get their act together! Bebo anyone? 🙂

  59. its down again honestly , but this time it just says server not found all my mates are having the same prob , well pissed me off… hope no emo kids are experiancing this there will be mass suiceds around the world (well attemted thay never quite do it do they )

  60. Does anyone know what causes this problem? Here is the error I have recieved for the past three days on myspace.
    The requested URL could not be retrieved

    While trying to retrieve the URL: http://login.myspace.com/index.cfm?

    The following error was encountered:

    Connection Failed
    The system returned:

    (60) Operation timed out

    The remote host or network may be down. Please try the request again.

    Contact: Your Administrator

    Generated Sun, 06 Aug 2006 16:55:32 GMT by

  61. my space dosent log in an d my password is incorrect
    now that i tried to log is says that ive tried to many times
    so i click in forgot password and give my hotmail account
    and it says that dosent exit
    what do i do???????????

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  63. What happened to Myspace?? It’s not showing up.Did it have a power outage??PLEASE TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  64. its down for me. firefox gives me a “Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for the address in a way that will never complete” and IE just shows page cannot be displayed.

  65. Yeah it’s down for me too right now.
    Since yestersay.

    but whats weird is I see people who live by me online cause I’m getting the message notices through my yahoo email…

    anyone have and explination?

  66. Omg me too it wont work it says the same stuff as you all (well the last few comments) since yesterday and I talk to ppl and they say it works for them… i dont get it 🙁 lol if anyone has an explanation please let me know.


    i betcha 5 bucks that no1 will have the answer until it magically gets fixed… hopefully SOON lol

  68. my myspace is down along with others that have tried to go on mine!! any explination??!? other people by me can go online…im very confused.

  69. I have hope now I read other ppl are having problems accessing myspace. Friday morning all was well, by the late afternoon we couldn’t login, or view profiles. NOTHING. I have tried everything to find out if the problem is mine or myspace. .. grrr..

  70. I’ve been having the exact same problem in the exact same timeframe as you all. I just deleted all cookies, went to myspace and created a new profile with a new email address. And guess what? It works fine!

    Then when I log out and try to log in again with my original profile, I get the same error messages from both Firefox and IE. Then when I clear cookies again and log in under the new profile everything’s fine. This is messed up!

  71. WELL atlesat I know now that I am not alone! This is pissing me off…it will be fixed soon…hopefully…I try to log on…and NOTHING! I dont know what is wrong…this is pissing me off…

  72. I have been experiencing the same problem. I went in and deleted only the myspace cookie, refreshed my browser, and was able to login just a few minutes ago. It looks as though nothing strange has happened to my site either, which was what I was concerned about.

    Here’s what I did (in my IE browser): Tools menu, Internet options, Settings (under Browsing History on the General tab), View Files, find the myspace cookie and delete it.

    I’m going to logoff, refresh, and attempt to login again. If I experience the error again, I’ll let you know. Otherwise, I’m up and running now.

    Hope this works for all of you, as well!

  73. Right guys…

    ive had that problem where you go to http://www.myspace.com and it comes up where the login page doesnt show and comes up with the answers of “refresh the page” and it still doesnt show.

    the problem with myspace is another virus going round..when it said you had message and picture comments and when you clicked on it, nothing showed…this allowed cookies into your system and block you from going to the login page…

    to get rid of it..you need to go to start, control panel.., network and internet connections, internet options… then you delete your temporary internet files, cookies, history, and password. TAKE NOTE: WRITE DOWN ALL PASSWORDS AND USERNAMES YOU USE ON WEBSITES AS THESE WILL BE DELETED…

    Once you have deleted everything, go onto http://www.myspace.com and it should come up with the login page… if you need anymore help.. email me at lukemichael123@aol.com

  74. Luke’s method works. Thanks Luke!

    I’d already deleted cookies and temp files, it was deleting the history that did the trick.

  75. OK so I deleted the cookies, history, temp internet files, and saved passwords + I ran 3 different anti-spyware programs and restarted my computer afterwards and myspace still doesn’t work for me. I just emailed customer service, but I doubt they’lle be any help.

    Got anything to help?

  76. So I just d/l’d firefox and I can get to the myspace home page with no problem.

    When I installed firefox I did not import any internet explorer settings.

  77. Myspace is messing up wont let me sign in all the way HELPPPPP TOM GOSH

  78. Myspace is not letting me sign in yet again i assume that it has something to do with a spam filter that they are trying to create. Does anyone know anything else?

  79. i cant change my password for myspace i can but theres no vertification there can u please put on there so i can change my myspace password plz

  80. I just noticed that they still bomb on “View Friend Add Requests”. Myspace grew so big in so little time that they didn’t have enough time to fix the bugs.

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