22 thoughts on “MySpace Messenger Coming”

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  2. Forgive me for my bluntness but who really cares about MySpace.com and or their chat client, no one serious enough in a corporation would really care…and if that is not enough, chat clients are not a secure way to communicate with your business partnerts.

    I predict that the Myspace.com chat client will go the way of the Google chat client, besides Larry and Sergei I don’t know anyone else that use it

  3. Jose – IM is an exceptionally good business tool which, like email, can and must be secured to ensure organizational compliance. Day-to-day business doesn’t pay much attention to what Google and mySpace do for chat, though they might use AOL, Yahoo, or MSN, in addition to or in lieu of an enterprise IM product.

    But that’s not the point. It does matter to many of us what our kids use and it is helpful if we can chat with them too. But that’s not the point either.

    The point is that Google has adopted an open approach to IM because it will help businesses connect with their users in an organizationally compliant manner and makes it easier for their users to connect with AOL, Yahoo, and MSN users when those companies decide the time is right. Which brings me to mySpace and why they matter – but not for day-to-day business. mySpace is where a lot of our kids (for better and worse) spend a lot of time. If they – as it hopefully seems – also adopt an open approach it will make it easier for business users to connect with mySpace users in a way that won’t make network admins cringe (too badly).

    I use Google chat (and everything else I can tie into Gaim) but I’m a power user. I predict that mySpace will get a lot of traction with the set of people currently between the ages of 10 and 16…that’s a large chunk of people whose most significant digital identities will be held by mySpace, and that is powerful.

  4. This messenger is built by GTV Solutions Inc (www.gtv.com). The product VP is Ross Cohen. I’ve called him about but he won’t comment on it, neither will the CEO. I’ve heard that they are releasing it next week…about time!

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  6. It wont let me download the new myspace messenger..I cant figure out why?? could someone help me out??? please

  7. Hey everyone whats up? Whats this all about? I just found out about it from a friend.
    wb ASAP love ya much peace put

  8. i like going on msn messenger because u can talk to your friends about your life and wat u did in your spare time.And it’s easy to talk to them so then when your in skool u can chat to them so much.

  9. i’m having trouble with loging in using a messenger with myspace. i use linux so i cannot use the typical myspace messenger. i also have a hotmail email that i used initially to sign up with myspace so i am wondering what else it could be that i can’t log into the messenger



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