10 thoughts on “Naveen Selvadurai, Foursquare co-founder is leaving”

  1. Very interesting scoop Om. Foursquare is a very interesting company that has (somewhat) shown how it can become a businesses and build out of the checkins market alone. Great piece, interested to hear what he’ll do next. All I know is Foursquare will be fine.

  2. Foursquare has grown to the point that either Naveen or Dennis can leave and the company will continue fine, however, it interesting to see/know who is exactly the “brains” that got the company where it is now.

    1. Interesting observation. I think the timing of “founders” leaving is always up for debate. I am not smart enough to forecast what the impact will be on Foursquare. Anyway we shall see what happens.

  3. Wishing Naveen all the best for his future endeavour. Foursquare has been my favourite app of late too. I shifted to Mumbai recently from Pune. There are lot of places I reach with the help of locals. I check in to that place once I reach to have a ready reckoner in my foursquare history for future visits. It works amazingly that way! 🙂 Nice scoop Om!

  4. As i checkin here at my china office….i love foursquare….somehow chinese government didnt block the app and people in china are checking in like crazy….

    Its one of my fave apps too….wish Naveen the best im future endeavors

    1. My best guess is that he is going to chill for a while and come up with an interesting new app after that. Okay, that is just the lamest guess 😉

  5. love the app, but still trying to figure out, beyond the Amex deal (future partnerships similar), how they’re going to make money. any thoughts?

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