22 thoughts on “Nimbuzz Launches a Super Communication App for iPhone”

    1. It doesn’t. I just tried it. Whereas Fring is a little clunky (too many button presses to get a call out, and a nasty delay in actual conversation), it, at least works. I just tried Nimbuzz. For starters, you’ll have to go into your address book and manually add the country code to any contact that doesn’t have it built into their number. Although the country code is necessary for Fring too, Fring lets you into the number field to enter it on the fly, if its not there. Nimbuzz just tells you it can’t dial out. That – coupled with the fact that I waited over a minute while my phone said it was calling without so much as a ring tone – I say Nimbuzz is a bust.

  1. I’ve tried both Fring and Nimbuzz to make calls to India and Japan. Call quality leaves a lot to be desired.

    I’ve now switched to Jajah. The interface is crappy (it’s a web-app), but it runs on 3G/EDGE without need for Wifi and the call quality is superb. And the prices are a fraction of Skype call out.

    Give it a try!

  2. My favorite app for the international calls on iPhone is Voxofon. It is a web app (just open Voxofon.com in Safari and add a link to the home screen).

    No IM support, but GREAT rates and it has both call-through and callback modes.

    Their G1 app is even more interesting.

  3. Using Nimbuzz and Vopium.com from last 4 months on Nokia and these VoIP services cut down my mobile billing expenses up to 80% i think it’s time to switch on to iPhone now.

  4. I’m using Nimbuzz, with Skype Out. I like it except for a pretty annoying delay and, apparently, on the other side of the phone, they’re hearing a pretty bad echo. Anyone else experiencing that? Doesn’t happen when I use Skype off my laptop.

  5. I have Nimbuzz on my iPhone but haven’t ever actually used it as it got lost in the pages and pages of apps that I have.

    May have to crack it open and see how it is.
    Seems to have plenty of features that could come in handy


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