7 thoughts on “National Lambda Rail, Internet2 Merger is Off. Again.”

  1. I am unclear as to what these networks do that aren’t available commercially? In most cases, we were running networks that had more bandwidth, more reach and far more relevance than either.

  2. Vijay, Internet2 is the next generation of Internet (faster, with lots more capacity and addresses). Some even say that the IP addresses are going to get over in some years.

    At the moment, it is some legal/political issues between the two organizations.

  3. 10 bucks says that’s Vijay Gill from AOL. AOL’s backbone is a perfect example of a production network that makes the Internet2 look like a backyard sandbox compared to Santa Monica beach when comparing total capacity. Indeed, even Global Crossing’s Internet backbone carries 6x as much traffic as the total capacity of the Internet2 backbone.

    IMHO, the real value of the Internet2 is not the network itself, but in the research and applications being conducted over it. Grid computing, tele-presence, security, IPv6 research… this is where the value is, and it’s not something that comes with a purchase of the network itself, because it’s the customers of the network, the Universities, that are conducting the research.

  4. Dave, that is right, except no longer with AOL. Agree with the value being on the edge, not in the network, which is why who controls the center doesn’t matter as long as they make it transparent. See my presentation at SANOG in new delhi on this topic.

    As for Mr. Pally, no, there isn’t anything these inet2 folks can do that the commercials cannot. They are not in any way shape or form faster.


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