10 thoughts on “Nosh, an app to make your mouth water”

  1. Nosh looks pretty sweet, but it doesn’t do a good job of searching dishes and finding what I am looking for. If I search for burger or salad, it shows me restaurants with those terms in the restaurant name, not the individual dish results.

    I prefer TasteBuddy, a similar iPhone app, since it is a lot easier to search through and compare the individual dishes.


    1. It has pre-populated menus and a database of the menus. I think you are right. They are entering a very competitive market. Foodspotting has all the attention but I think this one is a good, solid app and worth trying out.

      1. Why do you need to replicate the menu if you’re at the restaurant deciding what to eat? That doesn’t make sense to me.

  2. Do a lot of people leave reviews and share their thoughts on places? And is it a free app or how much does it cost?

    Thanks for posting

  3. I happen to think that Nosh does a great job, and while it may not yet be searchable for dishes without being specific to a restaurant, its got all the potential to help you figure out what’s best where you’re at.

    Not to mention, that unlike Taste Buddy, its available to user’s outside Chicago.

  4. The video is hilarious, well done Nosh!

    I never got into foodspotting as pure photos of food didn’t interest me.

    I’m a fan of Chewsy (http://itunes.com/apps/chewsy/) right now. Brand new and down in the bay area they seem to have a nice little following of people rating dishes.

    Other apps I’m watching in the food space at TastyBuddy and Dinevore.

  5. I prefer Chewsy since it actually has food reviews for all the places I travel to and the social integration is much better. Foodspotting also does a great job with pics and has a good community. Nosh looks nice at first, but for all the content they claim to have I don’t see anything in my area. Just don’t see why I would switch.

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