15 thoughts on “Now that Feedburner Story….”

  1. I think this would be way awesome for Feedburner – the company has done a great job landing large and small publishers. I also wonder what this could mean for our local Portland competitor Pheedo. Hmmm…

  2. all the bloggers that i know tell me that their rss ads generate negligable revenue. in fact, if ads in feeds were generating substantial revenue, we would have seen supporting facts and figures by now. feedburner is fully mature and still burning vc dollars. google isn’t dumb.

  3. Feedburner is worth much more if they go it alone and IPO in a few years. They have a unique position in the market and no real compeditor.

    and be absolutely transparent about how much cut they are keeping.

    most important

  4. I have no idea if this is true or not. If it is, great for the FeedBurner folks. They provide an awesome product the keeps getting better and is well supported. They deserve to make their millions. I also think that AdWords and FeedBurner could be a potent combination.

    Is FeedBurner really still burning through VC dollars? Between ad sales and pro features, I would think they would at least be breaking even by now. If not, perhaps Google’s ad experience can turn that around.

    Marc 🙂

  5. DoubleClick already powers RSS/XML ads. Washingtonpost.com has been using them to do so for a few years now.

    Google of course now owns them..

    Must be something else going on…

  6. AdSense is like democracy – not perhaps an ideal system, but most definitely the best one available. I completely agree with you – Google abuses patience of publishers by cutting down their share of revenues, just because other alternatives are even worse.

  7. Without Google…the web would cease to exist as we know it today. Goodbye 10,000 blogs and Om, you can go back to working full time for Time Warner. The aggregate payout Google makes to AdSense partners is available every quarter and the numbers are staggering. Online advertising agencies and bloggers have real businesses now thanks to the evil empire. 8 months ago you all loved Google. Now it’s an evil empire. People are fickle and greedy.

  8. JimmyC

    if google was keeping me in business, then i might be coming over and asking you and every reader for a free meal.

    no one is doubting what google has done, but they didn’t keep it through the goodness of their heart. they make money too. it is a symbiotic relationship, and one hopes they be more transparent on who much cut they are keeping and what we are getting.

  9. Om

    re: “and one hopes they be more transparent on”

    I fully agree..

    For instance, one of my media clients was using AdSense before the IPO, during and after..

    Up until the IPO they were pulling in some VERY exciting coin with the GOOG adSense code installed..

    Shortly after the IPO their (publishers) revenue went down about 700%. Same code, same account…

    The real evis v. noevil question could be ‘was the buzz in the news rooms about GOOG hotter before the IPO than after’?

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