10 thoughts on “Open Letter to Steve Jobs: How to heed the call of VoIP”

  1. wow, I beleive YOU got it right with Level3 has the NETWORK and the ability to completely AVOID the PSTN interface—-now THAT would be DISRUPTIVE to jiggle your iMAC and video your freind……………..or, use your iPOD and make a phone call…………..

    Damn, First Dan Berninger blasts the ball out of the park and now you follow up with ANOTHER GRAND SLAM!!!!!!!! Om, your rockin’ the HOUSE of VOIP!!!!!!!!


  2. Skibare, you hit my tender spot. If you or anybody else out there can tell me how to get completely off the PSTN, please do so and I mean now! I have a couple thousand customers who want to know this too!
    Salty Dog

  3. Have you used Yahoo or MSN Talk and how kludgy they are – terrible is the word that comes to mind. Anyway this is an application which takes out all the complexity of working with different standards. aka trillian on the windows platform. make it simple to work with different protocols, services etc

  4. Yahoo, MSN et al. are service providers, may be offering free service. Two people can communicate only after the service provider has admitted them into their network in one form or another. The undesirability of service provider model is dramatized by each one prohibiting interconnection to others.

  5. Om, Aswath —How about Wireless VoIP Client by Apple ??? Apple already has pieces of the emerging Wireless Mesh Networking puzzle through Apple Access points.

    Wireless IPOD for VoIP AND p2p mp3 transfers?..well it can certainly be a good social internetworking forum which would empower Apple users!

    Scalability, range , Effective throghput etc may be issues that needs to be addressed now and would need fine tuning in future too but certainly Apple can meet two major requireemnts listed by Ashwath:
    a. bypassing PSTN fully,
    b. bypassing SPs fully,

    and giving control of location,content, reachability,media as well as connectivity to an end user….

    If Voip can be free why cannot wifi access be free which is already unlicenced!!

    Would certainly make sense to combine potent of mesh networking with Voip and IPOD Economy by Apple…

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