38 thoughts on “For Bloggers, Legit News Photos For Free”

  1. Someone always trying to make a buck at the expense of others. You can get a photos.com subscription and get unlimited photos (royalty-free). While you have to pay up front to gain access, at least you don’t have to run someone else’s ads on your site or blog.

    There are also several free (as in beer) royalty-free and creative commons licensed sites on the net that sure beats ad supported images that allows someone to make money off of our own hard work.

    I don’t see this service lasting very long at all.

  2. oh ohm….

    you wrote:

    “It’s parent company is Israel-based PicScout ….”

    “It’s” ????

    oh boy. someone needs to consult a good grammar primer. or maybe it’s time to hire a good copy editor, eh, blogger guy 🙂

  3. The content is nice. But 1.) I am not able to control what is shown on my blog 2.) I don’t want a flash backdoor on my site used to push ads.

    Are there any alternatives … ?

  4. Yeah I’m too hyped on this either, and I have sideline sites that could use this type of content. Even as a ‘small guy’, sites like Wire Image have really cheap subscription packages…$10 / month for watermark free pics.

    I think there are some flaws here:

    1. If you at all take your site seriously, $10/month is nothing and odds are the ad revenue pays for it anyway.

    2. If you are a 17 year old girl posting celeb pictures to your MySpace page, you probably don’t know any better and will rip images from anywhere you find them.

    That leaves this service in a weird limbo where they need people who know better, but can’t justify spending the cost of two beers + tip on their site 🙂

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