9 thoughts on “Pocket Mac for PSP”

  1. I found their announcement interesting and exciting though browsing contacts on my PSP is not really a priority. They somehow missed the video feature which would have made it the most feature complete.

  2. Yep, PocketMac is the latest in a line of products to do the Mac > PSP connectivity. It doesn’t do it as smoothly as PSPware or iPSP, either. It’s USP lies in the fact that it runs via Apple’s iSync, and can make images of your Address Book or Entourage contacts which it then shoves into a folder to browse as ‘photos’ on your PSP.

    Historical note: iPSP was the first app for synchronising between Mac and PSP, and it predates any Windows or Linux apps. Mac owners have been able to sync to PSP for longer than anyone else.

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