7 thoughts on “PublicGyan, Soical App that is a Futures Market in Everything”

  1. Good Idea , but the big problem i see is users are basically trading using virtual money… IMHO , predictions of a futures market will correlate with truth if only if users put real money on what they bet otherwise they are just rooting for what they
    want/wish to happen!.

    For example ,as a expatriate indian i am sure going to bet fun money on a indian winning formula one ,but things will be different if am betting real money !

  2. Gopi,

    The question of real vs play money is much discussed in prediction market theory. While real money games work best, play money markets with sufficient liquidity can do as well. (see the wikipedia article on prediction markets).

  3. this looks similiar to the HSX which has been very successful for over a while now. It works extremely well with a large user base on toy money.

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