3 thoughts on “Punters return to Global Crossing”

  1. the upside of doing an expose on enron broadband was the research one can do in a city like houston. i love houston by the way – the greatest sin city people don’t know about, and the super-duper friendly people. the steaks are brilliant, bourbourn is world class and of course, never a shortage of colorful characters

  2. Awesome insider broadband gossip. I *love* reading things like that – real-world pricing information unavailable to the Average Joe.

    Question, what are your thoughts on Cogent? (AMEX:COI)

    I know they have a ton of debt, and they used to have a bad reputation in the web hosting industry… but I’ve got a few friends who use Cogent today, and they love it. Would Cisco really force them into Chapter 11?I doubt it. So why the US$4.4 million market cap? COI seems like a steal to this naive investor…. Help me understand the market opinion when Global Crossing knocks US$341 million cap.

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