3 thoughts on “Reinventing HOTorNOT”

  1. I’ve read your story quite few times in the last weeks, some called you crazy for killing the cash cow. But i exactly understand what it is to feel to have no more drive to run your startup. Something lot of people never understand, we made a choice to build an operation and bootstrap it and watch it grow not because of the money but because of this “feeling” of victory you get when you’re closing another important sale, reach an important milestone or get a strategic partnership. There’s something that make us wake up every morning and make us work crazy hours, and its certainly not the money involved in it (Though it is nice to get some on our side).
    Good luck in your old-new venture.}

  2. I have a friend who always talked about the comfort zone; how it was the most dangerous thing in the world because as long s you are comfortable– not happy, not excited, not motivated, just comfortable– you’d never change anything. I admire you for not settling for comfortable!}

  3. A man need’s to choose his goals and to decide the path he wants to walk through if it’s a comfortable or high risk high profit but he will never succeed unless he find’s the why? !!!}

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