2 thoughts on “Revving the VDSL engines”

  1. So wait, by “someone”, you mean me? Somone who has been watching the broadband industry 365 days a year for the past five years for ten hours a day?

    And my comment didn’t say it wasn’t coming, it took issue with your suggestion of immediacy here in the States.

    Do you understand how many homes SBC actually serves, versus how many homes are actually going to see VDSL by this fall?

    IPTV and the next-gen networks are a 3-7 year project and beyond. Even at the end of 5 years, if 50% of SBC’s current DSL subscribership sees 25Mbps, I’ll be very, very impressed.

  2. karl, actually it was someone else not you. i think you got me wrong there. anyway i am saying this is getting rolled out, and you will see it happen. whether the whole IPTV stuff happens I don’t know.

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