4 thoughts on “Samsung See-N-Search: When New & OldTeeVees Come Together”

  1. Interesting but not really useful. Samsung is attempting to add the web to the TV. But I think a better approach would be to link the TV and the PC (who needs another box?). The PC already has access to the internet, and a whole lot more (not to mention a keyboard!).

    I think that within the next few years new PCs will have a built-in ability to project the screen wirelessly to your TV. Not only will you have access to the web, but also your photo albums, DVD player, and whatever else is on your machine.

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  2. I finally setup my Wii last night. Within 10 minutes, i was watching My Queue of web video over at mefeedia.com !!!

    I am not sure why manufactures don’t follow Nintendo’s lead and just build in wireless connectivity and a web browser. The only complaint is that Nintendo made it a few extra steps (had to pay a one-time $5 for the “Internet Channel”) to make this happen. They probably lose 75% of Wii owners this way – but still, Mefeedia receives thousands of Wii browsers a month!

  3. Wow! I was underwhelmed until the end when they showed the separate tablet. I wonder if the web pages pop up on the screen or the tablet. Hopefully the tablet, so you can continue watching TV while browsing. So simple even grandma could do it.

    Problems? You have to wait until your cable company issues the set top boxes (five years? ten?) and I guess we’ll see a big Search Engine Optimization war to get your web page to the top of the “TV listings.” Or worse, “For pr0n click here!.”

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