5 thoughts on “Skype Plugin for Trillian”

  1. Well Malik…

    First you really should link to the site, not the file, because when it gets updated your link will be old.

    Second your website is just as terrible … I mean really why post about stuff thats already posted?

    The SkyLlian website is not whats important about the plugin, its the plugin that maters. The website does its task, it doesn’t need to be anything special.

    Feel free to be mad at me, I just don’t think its right that you criticize like that.

    Anyways the website is http://skyllian.fmdm.org/ Check it out folks.

    ~ Nick

  2. Skyllian isn’t like the other Trillian plugins – the other plugins are complete replacements to their corresponding messengers but Skyllian runs Skype in the system tray when connected. I choose Trillian over other full-fledged messengers to save on memory (while trading off compatibility) so if Skyllian runs Skype anyway, I might as well leave it out of my software inventory. Trillian is a cool messaging utility… it’s just the Skyllian plugin that I’m not a supporter of. (I didn’t say I’m against it… I just said I’m not in support of it)

  3. Yeah, but if I’ve to install all the messenger anyway; then why would i bother to have Trillian.

    I like trillian because i don’t need to additionally install all the messenger so that i can save memories and exclude processes runs by different messengers.

    If I’ve to install skype on my machine; then i don’t even want this plug in. i can use skype directly instead.

  4. I agree with some other posters that the plug-in is kind of obsolete when it runs the core application anyway; but the good thing is that people are working on it and I am pretty sure some day it’s gonna be possible to use the plug-in without having Skype running!

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