18 thoughts on “Sling Scores a Touchdown with NFL/DirectTV”

  1. I’m confused does this mean they ae streaming content directly to the slingbox devices themselves bypassing the Direct TV satellite?

    or does this mean as a slingbox owner I can now use a PC/browser to vew the games on teh Direct TV website?

    or does this mean that they are lifting some form of DRM on the slingboxes themselves that I can now access this content I legally should have been able to view anyway?

    Some actual depth/information in the article would be nice rather than regurgitating the pr piece.


  2. This would be very interesting to me if I could just subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket. It’s not so interesting to me as it is though, because I’m not a DirectTV subscriber – and if I were, I would just watch on my TV.

    Seems like a lost opportunity to add people to just this package.

  3. So this really has nothing to do with the normal sling hardware/service? They are just the company that built this new service.
    I can only assume they might do more programming since they just built the ability to do any type of program from DirecTV.

  4. I think I like the way I did it better. This comes with Superfan which last I checked was an extra $99/year. I recently paid a one time $99 fee for a Slingbox AV and can not only watch my NFL Sunday Ticket games but also anything else on my DirecTivo (which I can now control remotely over the internet). Not sure why anyone would opt for this over a Slingbox unless it comes free with HD (which I don’t have yet) or they like other features like the red zone and all games channels.

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