8 thoughts on “So that's why BufferBox is so hot”

  1. It’s pretty awesome. I think UPS (which bought Kiala) and Fedex/DHL may be interested as well, but Amazon and Goog are definitely the frontrunners.

  2. At any rate the more the merrier, its a fantastic solution, in Germany they even have them in train stations, so you can get packages shipped to you while on the road.

  3. Shocking really, in an age of supposed Telecommuting and 247 communication, everyone are too busy out slaving to pay for their Debts on the place they are never in long enough, to have a package they paid for brought to them. I mean to say, this service is a retardation …. it’s like the Post Office here in Spain, who don’t deliver parcels to the House anymore, simply because the Union Staff are bone idle. I can see the value of this, but it is so sad.

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