56 thoughts on “Sprint’s PPC6700 Stands Out”

  1. Will mobile phone users in other countries be able to lay their hands on this device? From your review, it seems like it might be similar to the O2 XDA IIs.

  2. Ab:

    You’re right. This phone is–or will be–available in other markets, especially in Europe. HTC sells the basic design to any carrier that’s interested, who can then build their own software features on top of the basic platform. I believe O2 is one of the other carriers using it currently, and there should be others.


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  4. I don’t know what data plans you are seeing, but I have the phone from Sprint and unlimited EV-DO data is $15/month. That’s a steal…

  5. NOTE: You don’t need the $80 data plan to use EV-DO on this phone.. It just requires the $15 Vision ‘Power Pack’ at this time. The $80 is for standalone EV-DO cards.

  6. how much is the data charge? i just got the $10 vision package for my treo and they said it covers all my data that i use, even for emails, unlimited.

  7. Sprint’s unlimited data plans start at $10/month – including EVDO… So long as you have a voice plan of some kind as well.

    You’re probably confusing it with their data-only plans for PC card devices, which are considerably higher.

    I have a PPC-6700 and love it, and I pay $15/month for unlimited EVDO and 1X, and SMS.

  8. Does anyone know where I can obtain a PPC6700 for a cheaper price than what Sprint charges? If so, please hit me at (714) 404-9010

  9. Does anyone have any experience with sending and receiving pictures with the PPC6700? I Called sprint tech support and they say the service is unavailable for this device. It doesn’t make much sense to have a built in camera and be unable to send pics phone to phone.

  10. Can anyone who has the DataPlan and such contact me at iowacc@aol.com. I need help setting this up and teir 2 sprint guys are not helpful… I am trying to use bluetooth to connect to the 6700 modem for surfing in remote places. Also they are charging me the $80 for data.. so if you have details and facts to share about why I dont need that on this phone to use it as a modem I would be grateful! Thanks

  11. What a great site. Mac mad man with new PPC6700. I cannot get bluetooth to work with my PowerBook. PocketMacPro does not support Windows 5 yet. How can I get the phone to talk to my mac. How did you do it Om? (or anyone else)


  12. I was looking to buy a 6700 today at a corporate Sprint store, and the Asst. Mgr. there told me the 6700 doesn’t support the Vision Plan at all, and told me I had to buy a $40/month EVDO plan to get Internet access from Sprint if I am using a 6700. I told him that I had read that it works with the vision plan (which I already use on my Sanyo 8100), but he swore it did not and there is no way to access the Internet through Sprint with the 6700 outside of the more expensive EVDO service. He than came back and corrected his original price estimate for EVDO to $25/mnth. From what I am seeing here and other places, he was just trying to bluff me into buying something I don’t need.

  13. The PPC-6700 is a really nice device, but getting to your corporate email is a problem unless your company runs external ActiveSync. The Sprint Business Connection client software is not out for the 6700 yet, and Goodlink software from Good Technology does not yet work on the 6700. Had to go back to my Treo until these issues are fixed…

  14. Bought this phone a week ago and LOVE it. My only complaint is that I really badly would like to use it with my Mac, but it doesn’t appear to work correctly with PocketMac yet… hopefully they will release an update soon. What a pain! I can send files from my phone to the mac via bluetooth, but I can’t browse the phone from my mac… otherwise, no complaints – very nice handset. Contact me via my website if you have questions about it.

  15. I love the device but you are unable to send photo’a to others via picture mail. It is not a feature on this phone. That is the only hold back I see on this device.

  16. I got a PPC6700 in Nov and the plan they said i needed to get EVDO was a 25 per month power vision pack. Is this the correct plan or is there a cheaper plan that i can get to have evdo? hit me up at rex.sdoorex@gmail.com or (720)9795444

  17. Does anyone know if you can receive customizable ringtones for the PPC 6700. Other than not being able to send pics via picturemail, not having customizable ringtones is a major setback. Does anyone know of an external site that has customizable ringtones for this phone?


  18. I just got this phone from Verizon ($299/ 2yr contract/ and declined the $45 data plan promo).

    The phone is amazingly stable and looks good in black. Unfortunately when you activate Wifi, the phone service gets disabled.
    I hope there’s a hack around that.

    I wish Verizon would have a more reasonable price for the EVDO. It does appear to consume less battery since the wifi radio isn’t on. It also is a more efficient, less latent network protocol than typical Wifi.

    All in all, I’m ecstatic about this product.

  19. You can use any .wav or .mp3 file as a ringtone. Just copy the file into the Windows/Rings folder. Also, I have the Vision Plus package which is $15/mo. and allows unlimited data. Things I don’t like: you can’t use any of the other Vision Plus features, such as sending photos, accessing video & audio sites, Sirius, etc.

  20. the ‘power vision’ plans range from $15 to $25 per month. be careful, because some of the things they say it includes require an extra fee to be paid (like sirius radio access through your phone).

    i have problems with my bluetooth dropping all the time. i have a motorola hs850 and sometimes it’s partnered with the device and other times it is not. there’s no apparent reason why it works. once i get that feature fixed i’ll be much happier.

    when i switched to power vision they removed my unlimted text messages and want to charge me for it. be careful when you change your plan from regular vision to power vision.

    does anyone have any ideas on how to fix the bluetooth issue?

  21. I have had the PPC6700 for about 5 days and it is the best Pocket PC phone I have ever used. I had the Treo 650, and the Samsung and neither one can touch this phone at all. : – ) Totally awesome yo! I can send picture mail with it though. Do the ring tones and much more it is the best ya heard! Don’t sleep if you don’t have one you need to get one ASAP!! : – )

  22. Gary, I feel your pain. I love my PPC6700, but I too, have had problems with the dropped Bluetooth device calls. I have the same Motorola product and considered spending money to get another model until I read your email. The text messaging loss also caught me off guard. Another problem I’ve incurred is the lack of available accessories. I have gone into the stores and they act as if I asked for Captai Kirk’s “Beam-Me-Up Scottie” gun. Hopefully someone from the company or the manufacturer will read these responses and make us happy PPC-6700 owners.

  23. i am doing a lot of research and i am interested in the 6700 however i am trying to get some comparable between the 6700 and the treo. Can someon help me and let me know which one wil be better for me. my profession allows me to be online a lot

  24. I only pay $15/mth.for unlimited data w/Power Vision Plan. Also, call and ad 500 text/mth for $4.00/mth.

  25. I’ve had this phone virtually since it came on the market. I’ve only paid $15/month extra per line (I have 3 lines) for picture mail ($5/mo – that I can’t use — I’ll call and drop that and get a credit on my phone) and unlimited data ($10/mo.). The only problems with the phone are a) that it will hang, requiring “soft-reset” via a little hole in the bottom of the unit and b) when you try to type a capital “A”, it’s very difficult because of the small size of the keyboard. But in general, typing is no problem once you get used to the board. The EVDO network here in SoCal is great, as it is in virtually every other major city I’ve been in with it — LA, Chicago, Houston. I’ve also used it as a mini – laptop. All you will get is some strange looks from your colleagues at the meetings when everybody else pulls out their big laptops and you plug your guy into the wall (or not, depending), slide it open, open up Word, and you’re ready to go. THAT’S unbeatable. I bought a 1GB mini SD card, so I can hold virtually anything I want or need for my business. 2GB mini cards are about 1 month away at most. The software package it comes with is great as well; and there are many other programs that are coming out with PPC versions — like SKYPE. I have used it. It works just fine, but you need to make sure that you have at least 2 bars of signal strength, because your call is only as good as the signal and therefore your internet connection. There are probably some other little things that could be better, but they are of the nit-picky variety when you compare what this phone does and does well.

  26. This seems to be the best convergence device yet.
    The Sprint version is to a much higher specification than the UK equivalent ie the T-Mobile Vario as the processor is twice the speed and the 6700 has a macro facility on the camera. (Ideal for taking shots of bus and train time tables when travelling)

    Thank you for the useful review, I only wish that we could buy this model in the UK.

  27. I need help using the PPC6700 as a modem to connect my laptop to the internet… can someone tell me how to do this. Other than that, I love my PPC6700. I traded in my treo650 after two days of clicking the wrong buttons!

  28. I have this wonderful gadget. The only thing which has caused me problems is getting it to sysnc with my laptob (IBM Thinkpad). It is a MS Outlook issue. I can get a connection but the syncronization fails (support code 85010014). As I search the web – it appears this is a common problem. I’ve tried all the fixes suggested without success. Any hints? tom@rtitech.com

  29. anyone have issues
    receiving calls while on the net via mobile line..I can make calls and it just suspends the net..but when I get calls I don’t know til I get a msg about new voicemail

  30. I use ACT 2005 and have tried to sync my contacts and calendar to my PPC-6700. Nothing shows up on my phone in the form of contacts and/or calendar. Further more, when I go to my calendar in ACT, everything is marked completed…all future dates.

    Any ideas?

  31. This device has been working great for me. I actually had a software update the other day and it has been working even better since. I am actually traveling down the interstate @ 80 mph connected to EVDO. Nothing but corn fields in sight yet I am online, amazing. I am also having problems figuring out the wireless modem use for my laptop so if someone could email me I would appreciate it. Only other complaint I have are the on screen dial pad. Bad for fat fingers and those on the road all of the time. I am checking out the new built in voice dialing feature that was a part of the recent software upgrade. Also I have been using citrix with this device and it works great.
    Please help with modem…

  32. I have been on the computer for 4 hours searching for some of the answers that you guys have asked. Thanks, I really appreciate it. I do need some clarification however. How do you save music from a site such as 3gforfree.com to your 6700? I have tried, but it doesn’t save as music, but instead as a document.

  33. I need help sending pictures from my 6700. It seems from research I have done that the 6700 will not send pic mails. It seems that pics have to be sent as an email attachment. Is there anything I can do?? Paying this much for a phone that doesn’t have the capability to send picture mails seems asinine. I can receive pics but I can not send them?? Please help me 🙂 Thank you!

  34. I need help does any one know if there is away to send picture mail now please if anyone has a anwser could they please let me know

  35. I have had mt Starcom for close to a year and it is always locking up? I must reset this thing a least 4 times a day.
    My biggest issue is the volume is not loud enough and when in the car I can barely hear along with the speaker phone.
    Does anybody know how to tweak it get get the volume louder?
    This phone is still the best PDA phone on the market today! They all lock up!
    Please call me @ 206-714-7010 if you have a volume solution.

  36. I am in desperate need of an internal speaker volume booster. Does anyone know if there is such a thing availabe for the PPC-6700 Sprint phone?
    I am going deaf in one ear and can not hear out of the other! LOL

    Thanks in advance

  37. I need help using the PPC6700 as a modem to connect my laptop to the internet… can someone tell me how to do this.

  38. This phone is Horrible. I currently use it for my outlook sync and for its main function(phone) and it does not do either well. the phone crashes, and somtimes I will press the answer button, it flashes like ti was clicked and then just never does the task. This is just a toy for people to brag. Of course anyone else who has spent money on this is going to brag about it because of all the “Features” but in my mind this is just like windows, lots of “features” and not even halfway decent functionality. Anyone know of a way to put palm OS on this? I really believe that hardware is good, it is my work phone (on-call) and has taken it share of abuse, the harware holds up just fine, but from day one the software is less than acceptable.

  39. I got this phone for free from my company, so I am not biased because i just spent a ton of money. I have never had any problems with the email.. its the best part of the phone. I use this phone all the time for most of its features and my complaints would be the low handset volume, the occasional dropped call, and signal strength from the antenna.

    all in all

    PDA: awesome!
    Phone: so so
    Overall: I won’t give it up.

  40. I seem to have misplaced my PPC-6700 CD and need the drivers and application files to use Wmodem for power vision connection with my laptop. Can anyone zip and email these to me? Assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thank you,


  41. Does anyone know how to change the alerts for in coming text messages on the ppc 6700? I would like to add some custom ringtones instead of the ones they have!

  42. I LOVE the PPC-6700! Best technological investment I have ever made. But I am curious to know if there is any insight as to when Sprint will allow the PPC-6700 to become accessible to call tones(where incoming callers hear music instead of the ordinary tone)? This was a feature that I loved with my Java based Sanyo! It would bring about a very professional quality for the PPC-6700, since it is definitely for the business-minded.

  43. I recently purchased the 6700 and I like it but…would like it better if I could send picmail and change my text alerts to a ringer…also…if anyone knows how to add yahoomail as an account???…I tried this but obviously set it up wrong since its not working…thatssogank@yahoo.com if you have any suggestions

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