13 thoughts on “Sun app shows off potential of mobile web apps”

  1. The potential of mobile web apps is limited only by the willingness of the platform makers – Apple, Google, etc. – to grant them the same degree of access to hardware (e.g., cameras) and software (e.g., contacts) features mobile native apps enjoy.

    1. Ralph

      Good points. I am sure this will be a slow and reluctant transition/opening up for the platform owners as too much money/strategy is at stake via the “app stores.”

  2. I wonder how accurate it is? The built-in weather app from Apple (which you can’t delete) is a co-branded Weather Channel Yahoo and its forecasts have been lousy during U.S. the heat wave / drought this summer.

  3. Very nicely done. Might even replace my weather app if it got some std capabilities (add cities, quit asking my location, color code by the type of weather or time rather than random, etc.

  4. It doesn’t load for me.. I just get the ‘Loading’ circle and it never goes beyond that. I can get to the settings and view the other locations, it just never fully loads.

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