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  1. One underrated feature of Apple’s platform is its really cool system-wide Syncing ability: iSync.

    You get that for free with your mac. Most mobile phones that tout syncing ability are compatible with Apple’s iSync. This is a direct result from Apple including syncing ability at the core of its operating system and making it easy for vendors to develop against their API.

    In the windows world right now, you’ve gotta separately purchase something like intellisync. And that works for a finite set of devices.

    Right now i’m a happy camper with the 1.25Ghz G4 powerbook with bluetooth *built-in* and the sony ericsson t610. OS X syncs calendar and addressbook to it, can also use it as a modem, or hotlink via the address book app so you get on-screen notifications with caller-ID when someone calls. Oh and everything also gets sync’ed to the ipod and online .Mac. If tomorrow I bought a Palm OS device, I could just add it to the sync chain with a couple of clicks.

  2. Russ, thanks for taking this in good spirit. I have turned to you to keep me focused on the handset and away from the PC. So I guess I had to remind you.harsh words always work!

    Chris, I agree with you. ISync rocks. Only when it works. The # of phones that Sync with it is much lower than company likes to claim. I am still struggling with Nokia 6600!

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