16 thoughts on “TalkPlus, VoIP 2.0 Startup raises $5.5 million”

  1. Mr.Son of Softbank always a maverick started a pricewar again in the 98 Billion dollar Mobile phone service in Japan by announcing a $20 dollar/month unlimited calling,SMS and MMS between vodafone to vodafone japan nationwide to take advantage of the start in japan of number portability.So Talkster and Talkplus will be a good Value added service for International calling

  2. If I remember right Talkplus was one of the companies in 1995 that presented in the DEMO and I emailed Mr. Black right after the Demo that Im interested about his technology.but I thought they were gone under but now I realize they were just in stealth mode until they refined and tested their offerings.Im still interested for the Japan and asian market as Tokyotel a Type II Telecommunication Company in japan

  3. I hope you get to review the service soon enough and able to establish the initial glowing review. Some of the open questions are:
    1. Does the putbound calls using the TalkPlus number involve two stage dialing – dial the TalkPlus server and then dial the intended party (I mean this functionally; not literally).
    2. If it is a “virtual number service”, then why is there a need to download an application, tiny or otherwise? Possibly for outbound calls?
    3. They must be using the SMS link or data service to do authentication. Is this true?


  4. haha…classic:
    “…if you so desire, a feature that can come in handy if you are looking for love online or in the bars.”

  5. I dont get it, WTF are they doing with $5.5 million dollars?

    It uses your voice minutes to make these calls guys, it’s not new it’s not even innovative.

    You could build exactly this service using asterisk and about a days worth of prgramming. All they are doing is placing callerid into the next session from an inbound call to your cell number and covering your cell number when you amke an outbound call.

    I’m sure there has to be more to this.

    If there isn’t then go check out http://www.asterisk.org and save yourself about $5.4m


  6. Having used VoIP on my Nokia E60 for the last 75 days I must say I am the happiest customer ever. I have made 65 hours of mobile VoIP calls using the (( truphone )) client to basically every country on the globe. My average per minute charge with all the free stuff they are giving away was 4.7 pence. WOW!!!! I used to be at 25 pence with my mobile network operator! What a saving… This stuff works, VoIP on mobile when in WiFi range is just the best thing happening ever!!! I can only recommend to try http://www.truphone.com

  7. I’m just wondering, how exactl is this okring. Is ther a java peice you’re suppose to install on thephone? Is it over WiFi…is it route through wap internet how is this thing working, and how does it get implimented inthe phone? What type of number do youget? Only a us number or is not like that or only english how does thi work? If you can pleae reply to this that would be awsome.

    Cheers Mates.

  8. I agree with Dan’s comments: what the hell do they need $5.5MM for? Technically this is a simple combination of an asterix platform and getting a bunch of local numbers from multiple providers.

    The service itself is not even new: I have been running multiple businesses this way for 2 years using Lingo and more recently Vonage: I get a VOIP account (Vonage, Lingo etc…) which becomes my main line and I route all my VOIP calles to my cell phone so I’m always reachable- that’s it. On the outbound, if the number is blocked, why not call directly from your cell phone? why use a J2ME client?

    I hope there is more to this than what they have so far. After raising the money from a “reputable” VC almost 6 months, it doesn’t look that they have made much progress, even getting international routes is not available. What are they doing with the cash?

    Anyway, good luck with this idea but this currently looks like another one of the 70% of VC funded companies that won’t make it.

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