8 thoughts on “That StumbleUpon-eBay thing again”

  1. If EBAY does make its move, it could not be more soon enough.

    How many of us think of EBAY and think “OLD SCHOOL”…….I know I do and so do many of my readers on Allthings.TV.

    StumbleUpon and their offshoot STUMBLEVIDEO is part of a new breed of WEB 2.0 sites that could well have the title WEB 3.0 attached to their names…….

    $75 million is not too much for Ebay to tell their competition that they have decided to wake up, smell the coffee and get with it.

  2. Stumbleupon is addictive with a lucurative search-like monetization potential. Their only problem is mass distribution, thats where Skype’s 500 million install base is going to help…I think Om clearly nailed this in a previous post.

    IMHO, anyone with a huge desktop distribution channel is a potential Stumbleupon acquirer. Adobe (Flash) is the first one which comes to my mind.

  3. I don’t get it. Stubleupon and eBay? Just another business unit and brand, not really a online market tool. But then there is also Skype, which doesn’t really jive with thier core product like say PayPal does. I guess we need to stop thinking of eBay as eBay.

  4. I don’t understand why don’t they solve their issue once and for all. E bay is a good online marketplace, the thing I don’t understand is why are they entering into other people’s business.


  5. Stumbleupon is so much larger then Ebay nowadays anyway. I don’t see why people are still complaining years after this post was even made (lol) to be honest.

  6. I bet you eBay wish they did this now LOL. One thing with all of these Web 2.0 companies is that monetizing them hasn’t been a foregone conclusion. Even Digg still loses quite a bit of money (youtube even I think). Still Stumble has definitely seen a spike in popularity, while eBay has probably seen a drop (I could be wrong)

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