4 thoughts on “The BellCo, CableCo CatFight”

  1. “It’s obvious that they are attempting to use regulation to keep their competitors at bay.” -Senior VP of Lies, Deceit, Flim-Flam & Chicanery – SBC


    Pot, meet kettle. Discussion on the color black in two hours.

    Am I the only person who finds it extremely offending to hear phone company representatives claim that the cable operators are trying to use legislation to regulate competition when the Baby Bells are just pissed someone else learned how to play in their legal sandbox? Really, do these Baby Bell execs think the consumers are so bloody stupid as to have forgotten who was the original monoploy? God these execs must really want a hot poker shoved somewhere unpleasant to even think they can talk from a morally superior position when it comes to weilding legislation as a means of regulating their competition.

  2. Bottomline is that, the Baby Bells can only survive by transforming into media companies and not stick to the conventional “phone company” model which is directly at competition with voIP offerings from Cable Cos. The Bells are struggling at this new game which the Cable Cos have already mastered in terms of negotiating contracts with content providers etc, and the same with Cable Cos. in terms of learning about the telephony market. We will hear a lot more on this friction at both ends, in the near future.

  3. Nitin

    it is a hard one to learn. given that most cable companies have huge holdings in the media companies, i wonder when that becomes a bit of a problem for phone operators

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