11 thoughts on “The Google Senior Executive Exodus Continues”

  1. Om, you’re a bit off. It’s not a bad thinning. It’s because the top is getting heavy. Lots of directors at Google with limited VP and SVP slots to move into. You should start talking with more people at Google and get more info.

    1. actually another senior executive from their latin american operations quit as well. so thinning or not, this is going to cause some hiccups. I think these executive changes are problematic in high-touch relationships.

    1. That’s not a three name …Sukhinder Singh is probably her maiden name and she’s probably married to a Cassidy….this is no Marc David Chapman…

  2. Google, like the better Silicon Valley firms, take employee input into manager and executive performance reviews, which are often held Jan-Feb, with results in March. Google depends heavily on employee input to rate its managers and execs. I would wager that Sukinder’s annual performance review and employee input about here were not up to par… hence, she gets the message and leaves. The writing was most likely already on the wall for her and for the other execs.

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