4 thoughts on “The Problems with Off Brand Sub $50 Phones”

  1. That 1813 looks ok to me. Looks like a Siemens, in fact. Looks wise, I’d take it over a Nokia 1100 (which is one of Nokia’s uglier phones). Still, your point about branding is valid. It’s the Air Jordan effect.

  2. If you read “The fortune at the bottom of the pyramid” book, it does mention that poor people also like to own and associate with brands. They also dont like cheapo/crappy stuff. Although they might not have the same purchasing power parity, they still like to own high-end stuff (or even low cost products, but having the same brand resonance as the original high priced ones).

  3. well that’s the point i was trying to make – people just read half the story and then react. they don’t take into long term implications –

  4. I would take it a bit further. People in these markets, who can afford it less, are ‘more’ conscious of having the right brand association ! Especially for certain ‘key’ products which are, sort of, status judgment criteria in their society ! And the list of these key items varies in different regions/societies/cultures.

    Therefore Nokia is more popular in India. Ofcourse the fact that people have less money, remains. So Nokia has to bring down its prices for that market, but are still costlier than most other brands.

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